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Android Explosion is the eighteenth episode of the Cell Games Saga and the one hundred eighty-third overall episode in the uncut version Dragon Ball Z series. The original Japanese title is "Chicchana Kyoi!! Seru Junia Raishu" (ちっちゃな脅威!!セルジュニア来襲). The episode first aired on April 28, 1993. Its original American air date was December 11, 2000.

[edit] Summary

Cell and Gohan are on the desert floor. Perfect Cell wants Gohan to get mad and show his hidden power. He tries to by inflicting pain. He ends up giving Gohan a bear hug which causes Gohan to scream out in pain. Piccolo can't stand it. He wants to go help Gohan. Goku doesn't let him, saying that when Gohan is pushed in to a corner he'll get mad and beat Perfect Cell down. Piccolo says that even if Gohan is the most powerful fighter on Earth that Gohan doesn't want to fight. He is not thinking of battle or competition, he's thinking why his father is making him do this. Goku is then persuaded and ask Krillin to give him a Senzu Bean. Perfect Cell then drops Gohan and says that if physical pain won't make him mad that maybe pain of his friends will. Before Krillin can give Goku the bean, Perfect Cell comes up and takes them away.

Android 16 sneaks down behind Perfect Cell and grabs him in his own bear hug. He says that he will self destruct and take Perfect Cell with him. Perfect Cell now has a look of fear on his face. Everyone except for Krillin braces for the explosion. Hercule and his gang hide behind a rock and quiver like the cowards they are. Android 16 lights up like he was going to blow but nothing happens. Krillin reveals that Bulma and her father removed the bomb, thus explaining his lack of worry for the expected exposion. They thought he might use it on Goku. Perfect Cell, then breaks free and blasts Android 16 to bits with his head rolling over where Hercule and the gang are.

Perfect Cell then creates seven Cell Juniors, one for each Z Fighter. They all head to the Z Fighters and that where it leaves off.

[edit] Battles

  • Gohan vs. Perfect Cell

[edit] Trivia

  • In Canada, all the characters undergo another voice change at the beginning of this episode, due to the Ocean voice actors returning to do the voices for this episode and every episode after that. The music is now that of Monster Rancher and Mega Man.

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Brief summaryCell begins to punish Gohan in every way h Cell begins to punish Gohan in every way he can think of in order to unleash his hidden power. He inflicts as much pain as he can on the young Saiyan warrior. As Cell is trying to crush Gohan, Android 16 jumps in and grabs Cell. He attempts to use the self-destruct explosive inside his chest, but finds that he can't. Krillin reveals that Bulma removed it while repairing him. Cell destroys 16 with one blast, and then turns his attention on Gohan's friends. His tail opens up and seven tiny "Cell Juniors" pop out, one for each of the Z Fighters. " pop out, one for each of the Z Fighters.