DB Chapter 332

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"The Second Super Saiyan" (ふたりめの超サイヤ人, Futarime no Sūpā Saiya-jin; Literally meaning "A Second Super Saiyan") is chapter 332 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Freeza is split right down the middle, and Gohan and everyone notices the commotion way up in the air. Then the kid slashes his sword a few more times and cuts Freeza up into tiny pieces. Then he blasts all the pieces, completely obliterating Freeza. Everyone is shocked, and Bulma says they must all have good eyes. But she thinks Son-kun has gotten really strong, and Yamcha says that isn't Goku, but maybe a Super Saiyan. Then Vegeta flies over in that direction, and everyone except Yamcha, Bulma, and Pu'er follow. Meanwhile, the kid lands, and so does King Cold. Cold compliments his work, to have beaten his son like that. He offers the kid the chance to work with him and rule the universe, but the kid says he has no interest. Cold thinks that's too bad, and then remarks about his sword, and asks to see it. The kid hesitates, so Cold asks if he's scared, and the kid tosses it over to him.

Cold looks at the sword and notes that it is indeed well-crafted. He believes it is the only reason the kid was able to defeat Freeza, and without it now, there's no way he'll be able to defeat him. Cold comes at the kid and swings the sword down, but the kid catches it and says, "It seems that isn't so." With his free hand, the kid puts his hand on Cold's chest, and blasts a hole straight through him. Just then, the others arrive (Yamcha holding Bulma and Pu'er floating beside them) and halt mid-air. Cold's body is lying up against a mountain, and the kid blasts it to finish him off. Then he blasts their spaceship and blows it up. Finally, the kid puts his sword away, and powers down from Super Saiyan. He looks over at everyone else, sitting their mid-air, and smiles and yells that he's going to meet Son Goku, and asks if they'd like to come with. Gohan wonders how he knows his father, and the kid says it's not far, please come with him. Vegeta is pissed and wonders who this kid is; he couldn't possibly be a Super Saiyan, there are no more Saiyans aside from them.

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