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Goku's Ordeal is the eighth episode of the Trunks Saga and the one hundred twenty-fifth overall episode in the uncut version Dragon Ball Z series. The original Japanese title is "Menkyo Kaiden? Goku no Aratanaru Siren" (免許皆伝? 悟空の新たなる試練). The episode first aired on February 5, 1992. Its original American air date was September 13, 2000.


The episode begins with Chi-Chi being chased by a huge, wild boar, while walking home from the grocery store. The boar chased her for a while, but at the last second, the boar ran off a cliff. She sighed and began walking home.

Then, Gohan is shown in a pond, where he caught a fish that was almost twice his size. He showed it to Goku, and he said that they could have it for dinner, much to Piccolo's dismay, since that is what they had eaten for two weeks straight, despite that like all Namekians, he only needs to drink water. When they walked into the house, Chi-Chi was sitting at the table, exhausted. When Goku and Gohan took off their clothes and gave them to Chi-Chi, so they could take a bath, she exploded and started yelling about how they wanted her to wash their clothes and cook dinner at the same time. She also started yelling about how they didn't have a car, and that Goku didn't even know how to drive (neither did Piccolo, who immediately demanded that Goku not involve him in the ordeal). Chi-Chi ordered both Goku and Piccolo to go to Driving School to get their licenses, or they both would have to cook their own meals from then on. Both Goku and Piccolo reluctantly agreed.

At the school, Goku saw Piccolo dressed up in some of his (Goku's) clothes, including a backward cap, tight denim jeans and a purple and yellow shirt. Piccolo explained that the clothes were given to him by Chi-Chi out of Goku's closet. Goku apologized to him for the humiliation he was suffering, and then the instructors came up to them. Goku was stuck with an elderly man who could barely even open a car door, while Piccolo was put with a young woman with a serious case of road rage. While Piccolo was doing well at driving, Goku was doing horrible. He couldn't even remember how to start the car. After crashing both of their cars in the middle of a race, they naturally failed, but were given one last chance. On their next try, the two were driving on a rainy road. There was a bus of kids coming down the road, and a lightning bolt struck a nearby cliff, sending dust and rock plummeting on the street, causing the bus to be pushed off a cliff. Goku attempted to stop the bus with his car by ramming it. After Goku's plan failed, both he and Piccolo jumped into action. Piccolo held the bus while Goku broke all the falling boulders with one of his attacks. Goku carried the bus back to safety, and then they returned to the instructors, who were applauding them. The elderly man told them that even though they failed the test, he would trade his license any day for a chance to fly. The young woman agreed with him.

When the two returned home, Chi-Chi found out that they failed the test, and fainted, again.


Goku: (To Piccolo) You can't drive, can you?
Piccolo: (Defensively) LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS!

Goku: (After crashing the car into a river) So how long before I get my driver's license?
Elderly Driving Instructor: Son, at this rate, it's going to take you a hundred years.
Goku: What?! But I can't wait that long! I've got to get in shape for a battle against two killer androids, and Chi-Chi's (Starts gurgling his words as his mouth sinks below the water) gonna kill me if I don't get my driver's license!"

Goku: (After passing Piccolo on the road) Eat my dust, Piccolo!
Piccolo: Was that a challenge?!


  • This is a filler episode that seems to be based on the cover to the title page to chapters 255 (DBZ 61) and 256 (DBZ 62) of the manga.
  • Chi-Chi is seen running home with her groceries, even though she was seen driving in earlier seasons and she can ride the Nimbus, which Goku no longer uses at this point.
  • Goku's driving instructor has a head similar to Dr. Kochin and facial hair similar to Dr. Gero.