DB Chapter 372

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"#16 Summons His Power" (決死の16号パワー!!, Kesshi no Jūroku-Gō Pawā!!; Literally meaning "The Desperate No. 16's Power!!") is chapter 372 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Cell goes flying, and No. 16 retrieves and reattaches his fist. No. 16 knocks Cell down into the ground, but then picks him up again and slams him straight into the ground creating a huge hole. No. 16 quickly crosses his arms, then pulls his arms out, leaving his fists in his armpits. He points the open arm stumps down into the hole, and screams, "HELL'S FLASH!!!!" as he fires down into the hole. The blast is so powerful, it shoots up through the ground in other parts of the island. Kuririn is flying along, and wonders who could've done that, since Piccolo's ki is completely gone. No. 16 reattaches his fists, and Tenshinhan, No. 17, and No. 18 are shocked at his power. No. 16 looks over to No. 18 and asks her why she's still here, and she says it's okay, Cell's gone. But No. 16 says that wasn't enough to defeat Cell, though it should've damaged him.

No. 16 yells at No. 17 (who happens to be standing near the hole) to get out of here as well, but No. 17 says no way. "He's taken damage, you say? Then, I'll deliver the final blow with my own hand! Get your ass out here!" Cell comes up out of the hole, with his tail opened up, while No. 17 has his back to him. Tenshinhan sees this and yells at No. 17 that Cell's behind him. Neither No. 17 nor No. 16 have a chance to react. "As you wish, I've come out!!!" His tail closes over No. 17, down to his waist, and he has him completely in his tail before No. 16 can make it. No. 17 is sucked completely up into Cell's back, and Cell begins transforming in a big display of power. No. 16 tells No. 18 to run away, as does Tenshinhan. Even Goku feels Cell powering up, and realizes either No. 17 or No. 18 have been absorbed. Cell is now halfway complete.

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