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Yamucha used his Wolf Fang Blowing Wind, but it had no effect. He landed dozens of punches on Tenshinhan, but they as well did not seem to work. To everyone's surprise, Yamucha fired the Kamehameha, but Tenshinhan deflected it back at him. Yamcha jumps up to avoid it, but Tien is there and kicks him to the ground. Tien comes down hard on Yamcha's leg, breaking it. Once Tien is declared the winner, Puar rushes in and transforms into a flying carpet to transport Yamcha to the hospital. Everyone heads back to the hotel to await tomorrow's match: Jackie Chun vs. Man Wolf.


Tien Shinhan Saga
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"As the World Martial Arts Tournament continues, the first match in the Quarter-Finals is well underway, with Yamcha challenging Tien. With these two warriors locked in combat, one thing is certain, sparks will fly!" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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