Daigoro Kurigashira

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Daigoro Kurigashira (栗頭 大五郎, Kurigashira Daigorō) is a high school teacher.


Daigoro has a huge head shaped like a chestnut.


Dragon Ball[edit]

In the manga, Daigoro was seen in the background with several other Penguin Village residents making the peace sign. In the anime, Son Goku asked him if he had seen General Blue around, but he shook his head. He was later seen in the audience of the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament during the match between Tenshinhan and Yamucha.

Dr. Slump[edit]

When Goku arrived and stayed in Penguin Village for a few days, Daigoro taught him as part of his class.


  • Daigoro is the only Dr. Slump character, not including Tori-Bot, to make a physical appearance outside of Penguin Village in Dragon Ball.

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