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Dragon Boy

Dragon Boy

ドラゴン ボーイDoragon Bōi

Genre Shonen, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Manga series: Dragon Boy

Authored by

Akira Toriyama



Serialized in

Fresh Jump

Original run

August 1983 – October 1983

Num of volumes


Dragon Boy (ドラゴン ボーイ, Doragon Bōi) is a one-shot two chapter manga by Akira Toriyama released from August to October 1983 Fresh Jump. It starts with the adventures of a boy named Tanton and an unlikely ragtag group who go on a journey to Flower Country. Like Dragon Ball, this manga is mainly based on the Chinese story Journey to the West.

Several elements from the story were later reused in Dragon Ball. This story even had its own version of the Dragon Balls. However, in this incarnation the Dragon Balls produced small Dragons when hit with an energy blast, which actually was quite useless when summoned.


In a far off land, Tanton lived and trained with his master. His master had decided to send him on a quest to return the princess of the Flower Country to her homeland. She ran away during the war, which had now been resolved. Tanton had many questions for the girl, and he quickly annoyed her. Tanton was given a Dragon Ball to aid them. Along the way, the princess complained and yelled at Tanton, giving him a bad impression of what girls were like. After they stopped so that the princess could bathe, she complained that she was thirsty. They found a well, but it was inhabited by a water Demon. The Demon was too strong for Tanton and he had to use the Dragon Ball. Unfortunately, it only provided a weak, shrimpy Dragon. Tanton resorted to tearing off his shirt and flying with his wings. He was then able to defeat the Demon. Rather than thanking Tanton for saving them, the princess scolded Tanton for not flying her on the journey at the start.

In the second chapter, the princess was hungry and grudgingly accepted a rice ball. While they were stopped, they encountered a traveler looking for food. The princess gave up her share and suddenly realized that the man was actually a transforming Demon. Tanton taught the Demon manners by demonstrating how strong he was on a rock. The Demon apologized and fled. Tanton and the princess approached a bridge and the princess ordered her escort to carry her when he refused to fly. The Demon returned though and warned them of a monster who guarded the bridge. He was too late, however, and they came face-to-face with a robot soldier. As Tanton fought the robot, the princess wet her pants and cried over her accident. After trying to negotiate with the robot by telling him that the war was over and subsequently fighting more, the Demon transformed into a commander and relieved the soldier of his duty. The robot then let them pass, but the princess' only concern was her peed-in pants. She had the Demon become a change of clothes for her, but he reverted back after three minutes, leaving her to walk completely naked.




Tanton was the titular "Dragon Boy". He appeared to be an average young boy trained in kung fu, but under his shirt he sports Bat-like wings. Like Goku, he spent his childhood socially isolated and exhibited curiosities about the opposite sex.

The princess of the Flower Country

The princess of the Flower Country was escorted back home by Tanton. Her nation had been at war for years, so she had the misfortune of being the first girl Tanton met. She was extremely selfish and temperamental. Tanton was her only protection, as she has very few skills of her own.


Binyao was a Demon who tricked the princess into giving up her food. It is unknown if Binyao was his true name because he took the form of a handsome traveller. He was a Cat-like creature similar to Puar and had the same time limit on his transformations as Oolong. He claimed to be 250 years old. After witnessing Tanton's strength, he apologized and soon joined them.

Tanton's master

Tanton's master was his trainer in martial arts and caretaker. He taught Tanton little else and sent him on his quest. He also gave him the Dragon Ball that turned out to be of little assistance.


  • Tanton is an isolated young martial artist who has never even encountered a female. Goku has a similar backstory, only his unusual feature is his monkey tail.
  • The robot soldier's design is modified for Dragon Ball for the General Blue Saga. It mirrors Pirate Robot in the Pirate Cave.
  • Dragon Boy has not yet been released in the United States. An official English translation does not even exist.
  • The princess is clearly an early Bulma. Both are selfish, impatient, and tempermental, both have wealthy, powerful families (Bulma's father owns Capsule Corporation), and interestingly both lose bladder control when faced with danger.