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"You won't beat me!"
Malaiko in "Water Fight"

Malaiko (マーライコー, Māraikō; FUNimation "Maraikoh") is a martial artist.


Malaiko is an anthropomorphic Dinosaur-like alien with a strong resemblance to Giran


Malaiko was originally from the Western Galaxy. He had to fight against Froug in the first round of the Next World Tournament. At first, Maraikoh had the advantage and gained the edge over Froug. Froug then expanded his belly in order to push Malaiko out of the ring. Malaiko retaliated and lifted Froug up and tossed him out of the the arena. During the semifinals, he battled against Son Goku and was defeated after being thrown from the arena by Goku's tail. In a filler segment during the Kid Boo Saga, Malaiko was seen watching Olibu lifting a giant rock.


Malaiko on the right in Fusion Reborn.

Froug, Mijorin, and Olibu made a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

Video games

Malaiko appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.

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