Ultimate Uncut Special Edition

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The Ultimate Uncut Special Edition was a line of DVD releases encompassing the FUNimation redub of the Saiyan/Vegeta Saga and Namek Saga, along with the first three movies, of Dragon Ball Z.

The release was to span 22 DVDs plus the three movies.

Vegeta and Namek Saga

After acquiring the video rights to the first 53 (67 uncut) episodes from Pioneer in 2004, FUNimation announced that they would release these episodes uncut, with a new 5.1 English language track and uncut footage, as the Ultimate Uncut Special Edition line, in the broadcasted 4:3 aspect ratio. The Saiyan Saga was renamed the 'Vegeta' Saga (Parts I and II, covering 12 DVDs), probably to avoid confusion with the Pioneer volumes. The new English track would be a re-dub done by FUNimation itself, replacing the original Ocean dub.

However, in favor of releasing the remastered boxed sets, FUNimation canceled the Ultimate Uncut Special Edition after releasing DVD volume 9, shortly before the battle between Goku and Vegeta. Many fans were outraged by this, as they had spent large amounts of money on a set that would never be complete, while other fans were unhappy that they would be unable to obtain legal copies of the complete series in the 4:3 aspect ratio, as the remastered sets are in 16:9 aspect ratio.

Released volumes

The DVD Covers of the Ultimate Uncut Sets
  • Vegeta Saga
    • Vegeta Saga I - Saiyan Showdown (1-3)
    • Vegeta Saga I - Piccolo's Plan (4-6)
    • Vegeta Saga I - Into the Wild (7-9)
    • Vegeta Saga I - Gohan's Trials (10-12)
    • Vegeta Saga I - Goku Held Hostage (13-15)
    • Vegeta Saga I - Doomed Heroes (16-18)
    • Vegeta Saga I - Back From the Dead (19-21)
    • Vegeta Saga II - Saiyan Invasion (22-24)
    • Vegeta Saga II - Ultimate Sacrifice (25-27)


FUNimation had also acquired the rights for the first three movies from Pioneer in 2004, and re-released them. Even though the three had same cover style, only the first movie was released officialy under the Ultimate Uncut line. All of these movies had a 5.1 English track, new subtitles, different DVD extras and come in a boxset titled 'First Strike'. However, they do not retain the original Ocean dub, and contain a new English dub produced by FUNimation's cast. This version contains different music than the original dub and than the Japanese version.

Released volumes