DB Episode 44

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Son Goku was in Metro West at Capsule Corporation looking for Bulma. Meanwhile, a master thief named Husky was hired by the Red Ribbon Army to steal Goku's two Dragon Balls. Goku and Bulma got together and Goku found out about the problem Yamucha and Bulma were having, namely Yamucha being noticed by other young girls. Bulma wanted to give Goku a tour of the city on the Kinto Un. She had to shrink herself with her new invention in order to fit in Goku's shirt because she had no purity in order to ride the Kinto Un normally.

Goku met up with Yamucha, Puar, and Oolong and they headed to the newly built amusement park, Dream Land. As Puar and Oolong told Yamucha why Bulma was a bad fit for him, Bulma suddenly popped out of Goku's shirt pocket and yelled at Yamucha for talking behind her back. They all then continued toward Dream Land when Goku sensed someone, but ignored it and flew on.



  • A poster of Metallic without his sunglasses can be seen in the background of Bulma's room.

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