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Zenbu Misemasu: Toshi Wasure Dragon Ball Z (全部 見せます 年忘れ ドラゴン ボール Z, Zenbu Misemasu: Toshi Wasure Doragon Boru Zetto; Literally meaning "Whole Showing: Year-End Drinking Party Dragon Ball Z") is the third (and rare) TV Special that is part of the Dragon Ball Z series of anime. It premiered on Fuji Televison on December 31, 1993 between DBZ Episode 211 and DBZ Episode 212.

[edit] Background

This film, despite being referred to as the third Dragon Ball Z TV Special, is very different from the previous TV Specials (Bardock: The Father of Goku and The History of Trunks). In this film, which is believed to take place some time around the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament, Son Gohan and Son Goten are having a hot bath outside in the middle of Winter and suddenly Goku appears with the help of his Instant Transmission. How he appears in the Mortal Realm is unknown, but he joins his sons in the tub and they reflect back on the events that occured during the Cell Games. Later, Chichi appears and they all go inside the house, dress nicely, and the TV Special comes to an end.

This TV Special has not been released on DVD, and it has not been translated to English either. It was not included on either of the Dragon Boxes.

This TV Special is sometimes confused with Kyokugen Batoru!! San Dai Chō Saiyan Supesharu which features Goku and Gohan discussing the films of the series while wearing tuxedos.

[edit] Canonicity

This film cannot be placed into the Dragn Ball timeline. This is because at the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament, it is the first time that Gohan, Chichi, or any of the Z Warriors had seen Goku in seven years. It is also the first time that Goten meets his father. The events in this film do not occur before the tournament nor after it because of all the events with Majin Buu.

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