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Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, known in Japan as Dragon Ball 魔訶不思議 大冒険 (ドラゴン ボール まかふしぎ だいぼうけん, Doragon Bōru: Makafushigi Daibōken; Literally meaning "Dragon Ball: Mystical Great Adventure") was released in Japan on July 9, 1988 between "Prelude to Vengeance" and "Battle Cry" (during the fight against Piccolo Daimao).


Kuririn and Son Goku had finally finished training under Turtle Hermit. Turtle Hermit then told them that he would take them to Mifan Empire's Martial Arts Tournament (道大会, Budōtaikai). Meanwhile, the Emperor of Mifan, Chaozu, could not find Ran Ran. Minister Crane Hermit had the Pilaf Gang work on a large Dragon Radar, killed them, and used it to locate the Dragon Balls. Crane Hermit claimed that they would use the wish from Shen Long to locate Ran Ran, but actually planned to kill Chaozu and take over the country. Blue announced that one place that had not been searched was Crane Hermit's room. Tao Pai Pai appeared and fought against Blue, but he was killed by Tao.

In Karin, Bora and Upa had located the final Dragon Ball and decided to escape to Mifan to find out why they were trying to gather the Dragon Balls. Bora is tricked into entering the Budōkai (the winner of the Budōkai will be granted one wish by Chaozu), and is then killed by Taopaipai. Bulma, Oolong, Lunch and Pu'er are looking for the other six Dragon Balls, so Bulma can wish for a boyfriend. However, when the DBs are located, they are accidentally dropped to the bottom of the moat surrounding Chaozu castle. Tenshinhan realizes that he likes Chaozu too much, and doesn't kill his friend; instead, he blows away Master Shen. The story of Blue and Gokū entering Penguin village is included, but this time it is Taopaipai and Gokū that meet Arale-chan, and Gokū kills Taopaipai with Arale's help. Goku throws the final ball into the moat and asks Shen Long to resurrect Bora.

While the movie is clearly not canon (as it is a retelling of events from the anime/manga), FUNimation treated it as canon when they dubbed the Z series. This is evident in that they refer to Chaozu as an emperor and Tao as a general.

Current release

MGM DVD, Paramount DVD, and FUNimation released the film on DVD in North America, Australia, and New Zealand on March 17, 2004 with the English dub and optional Japanese audio.


Voice cast

Character Japanese dub FUNimation dub
Son Goku Masako Nozawa Ceyli Delgadillo
Arale Norimaki Mami Koyama Meredith McCoy
Lunch Mami Koyama Meredith McCoy
Yamucha Tōru Furuya Christopher Sabat
Bulma Hiromi Tsuru Tiffany Vollmer
Turtle Hermit Kōhei Miyauchi Mike McFarland
Kuririn Mayumi Tanaka Laurie Steele
Oolong Naoki Tatsuta Brad Jackson
Puar Naoko Watanabe Monika Antonelli
Tenshinhan Hirotaka Suzuoki John Burgmeier
Emperor Chaozu Hiroko Emori Monika Antonelli
Kame Daisuke Gōri Christopher Sabat
Crane Hermit Ichirō Nagai Chuck Huber
Karin Ichirō Nagai Mark Britten
Tao Pai Pai Chikao Ōtsuka Kent Williams
Shen Long Kenji Utsumi Christopher Sabat
Lieutenant Blue Toshio Furukawa Sonny Strait
Sergeant Metallic Shin Aomori Chris Rager
Upa Mitsuko Horie Kara Edwards
Bora Banjō Ginga Dameon Clarke
Gajira Norimaki Seiko Nakano Mike McFarland
Narrator Joji Yanami Christopher Sabat


OP (Opening theme)

"Makafushigi Adventure!" (魔訶不思議 アドベンチャー!, Makafushigi Adobenchā!)
Lyrics: Yuriko Mori, Music: Takeshi Ike, Arrangement: Kōhei Tanaka, Performance: Hiroki Takahashi
Song lyrics

ED (Ending theme)

"Dragon Ball Densetsu" (ドラゴン ボール 伝説, Doragon Bōru Densetsu)
Lyrics: Onikado Izumi, Music: Takeshi Ike, Arrangement: Seiichi Kyōda, Performance: Hiroki Takahashi
Song lyrics
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