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"Gohan asks Bulma for help designing a costume for his new persona, the Great Saiyaman. He learns that Trunks and Vegeta have been training vigorously. Because he can fly with his new costume without revealing his identity, he give Nimbus to his little brother, Goten, whom Chi Chi was pregnant with during the Cell games. Gohan uses his superhero powers to save a bus of senior citizens from a hijacking." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

I am Saiyaman is the seventh episode of the Great Saiyaman Saga and the two hundred first overall episode of Dragon Ball Z. The original Japanese title is "Ai to Seigi no Gureto Saiyaman Sanjo" (愛と正義のグレートサイヤマン参上). The episode first aired on September 15, 1993. It's original American air date was September 18, 2001.


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The episode starts out with Gohan going to Bulma's house to get a costume so that he can fight crime. Than he is sitting down at Capsule Corp. and Bulma comes in the room and says she will make a suit for Gohan. But says it will take two hours, so Gohan takes a walk around the building and comes across Trunks. The two start talking and then Vegeta walks into the room and tells Gohan that he is wasting his time and power at school. Finally the two hours are up so Gohan goes back to Bulma. Bulma tells Gohan that he can put on the costume by pressing the red button on the watch. Gohan tries it and likes the suit, while Bulma and Trunks think it is ugly. Gohan gets on the Flying Nimbus and leaves. He than decides he doesn't need the Flying Nimbus anymore, so he transforms and jumps off. He notices cars speeding way over the speed limit and decides to stop them.

Gohan lands in the middle of the road. The guys in the car stop and start yelling him asking him who he thinks he is. After a bit of thought, Gohan calls himself "The Great Saiyaman" The two guys start laughing and call it a stupid name. Gohan gets angry and starts pounding his foot on the ground, making a huge crack in the ground. Scared, they quickly recant and say that it's a cool name. Gohan goes home, where he practices changing in and out of Great Saiyaman. The next day a bus gets hijacked and Videl gets called out to rescue the people. Gohan wants to help, so he asks the teacher if he can go to the bathroom. He then runs outside and transforms and goes to the bus. Videl takes care of the hijackers when the bus goes off a cliff. Then the Great Saiyaman catches the bus and poses for the people before leaving.


  • This episode shows Bulma smoking a cigarette, a habit she most likely picked up from her father.
  • This is the first episode Goten appears in.
  • This episodes (and 202) has an alternative jingle during the second half of the eyecatch.

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