Prototype Artificial Human

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A presumed Prototype Artificial Human hanging from the wall on the right.

Prototype Artificial Humans (原型 人造 人間, Genkei Jinzō Ningen) are a type of early model Artificial Human created by Doctor Gero.


The player engaging Prototype Artificial Humans in battle in Dragon Ball: Sagas.

Prototype Artificial Humans only make one appearance in the series during a flashback that Future Trunks has about Doctor Gero showcasing what his laboratory might look like. In his lab, strange robotic humanoids are seen on the wall, which are presumably Prototype Artificial Humans.

A Super Prototype Artificial Human preparing to attack the player in Dragon Ball: Sagas.

They are most heavily featured Dragon Ball Z: Sagas. In the game, Prototype Artificial Humans are antagonists that appear to battle the player just as the Saibamen do in the game. They are the main "mini-villains" during the chapter that tells Future Trunks' story. They also make an appearance in the early part of "The Androids" chapter that portrays the Androids Saga, and are opponents when the player uses Goku (and Piccolo if 2 player) to defend the Capsule Corporation building, and later with Vegeta while hunting down Doctor Gero. Other than basic Prototype Artificial Humans, there are also Super Prototype Artificial Humans that are much larger and stronger than the basic ones. They spawn Mini-Artificial Humans that are nothing more than walking bombs. These Mini-Artificial Humans will track the player and explode if close enough for a given amount of time.

A Super Prototype Artificial Human unleashing his spawned Mini-Artificial Humans to attack the player.

Appearance and traits[edit]

Prototype Artificial Humans take a very basic model; they are completely robotic in appearance and are a white in color (gray and brown as well in Dragon Ball Z: Sagas). In Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, they nearly match the appearance of the Prototype Artificial Humans seen in the image above, including the large extended head. In the game, they do not speak any words but make a strange synthesized robotic noise at times, usually after struck or when on the attack.

The Super Prototype Artificial Humans are much larger and considerably more difficult for the player to defeat. They have a large upper-body and no head, instead having some sort of eye on their chest. They do not take a humanoid shape, however, and appear to be nearly all robotic. They have two chutes where their heads would be located, used for spawning the Mini-Artificial Humans. The Mini-Artificial Humans are very small, have a round body and only legs, no arms or head. They are essentially walking bombs, and will flash red lights when close enough to explode.


  • Some fans call the leader of these Artificial Humans "Artificial Human No. 1".