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"How could I be defeated by a weakling like Yamcha?!"
Cellin Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Cellin (セルリン, Seruririn) is the name given to Cell after he absorbs Kuririn.


Cellin has a diminutive body and Kuririn's characteristics and orange colors, even sporting the Turtle Hermit symbol on his back and chest.


Cellin appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai. Cell had a nightmare during his wait for the Cell Games to begin. In this nightmare, Cell succeeded in absorbing Artificial Human No. 17, but accidentally absorbed Kuririn when Kuririn pushed Artificial Human No. 18 out of the way before she could be absorbed. With his battle power taking a drastic drop, Cellin was barely able to defeat Yamucha before being destroyed by Tenshinhan's Tri-Beam. Cell then woke up startled and saw that he was unchanged and standing in his Cell Games Arena in the middle of the night. Relieved, Cell muttered, "I guess ten days is just too long to wait for the tournament" referring to the Cell Games.