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"The most destructive force in the world is negativity. It is true power. Negative energy exists in all living things. It's created from emotions such as fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, and aggression. I can manipulate this energy, convert it into beams of destructive power that annihilate anything in its path. And right now, my little foe, I have you square in my sights."
Devil Man in "The Devilmite Beam"

Devil Man (アックマン, Akkuman; FUNimation "Spike the Devil Man", Viz "The Devil") is one of Uranai Baba's champions. He is the strongest of her fighters until he is bumped down one rank by Grandpa Son Gohan.

Devil Man's Japanese name is a pun on the word Akuma, or Devil in English.


Early life

Devil Man was born in Hell[2] and later won the Tenkaichi Tournament twice.

Dragon Ball

Devil Man fought against Son Goku in Devil's Toilet somewhere within Uranai Baba's Palace. He gave Goku a run for his money and tried to blow him to shreds with his Devilmite Beam, but unfortunately he did not know that Goku had a pure heart.

Dragon Ball Z

Devil Man and Suke give their energy to Goku's Super Genki Dama.

Devil Man was killed from either Super Boo's Human Extinction Attack or when Kid Boo destroyed Earth. He was revived with the rest of Earth's population by Polunga and gave his energy to Goku's Super Genki Dama after Mister Satan asked for everyone's energy.

Video games

Devil Man appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Sūpā Gokū Den: Totsugeki Hen.

Devil Man appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 as a playable character.

Devil Man appeared as both a playable character and a boss character in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure and Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.

In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, there is a "what if story" where he fights against Freeza and Cold (who are waiting for Goku to return to Earth so they can kill him). Devil Man is surprisingly able to defeat the pair (as well as two other soldiers) thanks to the Devilmite Beam.

  • Note: In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, he is one of the stronger arena fighters and his Devilmite Beam is unique, as its strength damage is determined by who the opponent is and whether or not the opponent is equipped with certain Z Items (Potaras). Some characters are almost immune to the Devilmite Beam (like Goku) because they are pure of heart, however, if said character undergoes a transformation which taints the heart (such as turning into either a Great Ape or Super Saiyan), they lose their immunity, and thus can take some damage from the Devilmite Beam. It does deliver large ultimate damage to every past and present villain in the Dragon Ball franchise included in the game, with especially huge amounts going to 100% pure evil characters like Evil Boo, Janemba, Hirudegarn, and Omega Shenron. If someone uses the Devilmite Beam on another Devil Man, it leaves the hit Devil Man with only 1 HP if he had full health when the move connected.

There is also "special dialog" between him and Dabura if they fight against each other.


Devilmite Beam

Devilmite Beam

His ultimate signature attack, Muten Roshi stated that the Devilmite Beam was a force of unimaginable evil that was said "to have destroyed more lives than any war or pestilance combined". Roshi told an old story of a "compassionate warrior/monk" (and powerful martial artist) who many fighters (including Devil Man) sought to defeat (in order to build their reputation). Knowing he could not match the "warrior's great strength", he attacked using his mind. Devil Man used the warrior's own negative thoughts against him by firing a beam that amplifed any dark thought (anger, malice, aggression, arrogance, etc.) and caused it to expand until his opponent's heart literally exploded. The technique, however, is rendered totally useless if the person "doesn't possess a single negative thought" (as there are no negative thoughts for the beam to amplify and explode), such as pure-hearted Goku.


The Kaikosen is mystical energy attack that he fires from his hands that ensnares the opponent in electrical energy, temporary paralyzes the opponent (it can be used before firing the Devilmite Beam to ensure a direct hit).

Bukujutsu or Flight

Devil Man flying.

Devil Man can fly at will, but whether it is due to his wings or his ki (or possibly a combination of both) is uncertain.

Magic Materialism

Magic Materialism is the magical ability to create objects from seemingly thin air. He uses it to create a trident (Demon Fork) for his fight against Goku.

Demon Fork Rush

The Demon Fork Rush is a rush attack where he uses his fork to repeatedly stab (and torment) his opponent.

Demon Fork

Demon Fork

Using Magic Materialism to create a pitchfork which he instantly throws at his opponent, the Demon Fork explodes upon hitting its target (like a missile).

Ki Blast

The Ki Blast is the most basic form of energy wave.

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