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Taro Soramame (空豆 タロウ, Soramame Tarō; FUNimation "Taro Soramame", Viz "Taro Soramame"; Literally meaning "Broad Bean Taro") is a resident of Penguin Village.


Taro is the "bad boy" friend of Akane Kimidori and Arale Norimaki and always tries to act cool. He has a little brother named Peasuke Soramame who looks up to him and wants to be just like him.

Dr. Slump

A younger Taro in Dr. Slump.

He first met Arale when she followed Akane to meet up with them. Taro tried to intimidate her, but she broke a tree with her bare hands and stunned Taro, gaining his respect for her. When the Tsun family came to Penguin Village, Taro fell in love with Tsururin Tsun. After graduating from high school, he became a police officer (because he was allowed to carry a gun and could wear dark glasses all of the time).

Dragon Ball

Taro was seen driving off on his motorcycle with Tsururin after school got out. He later gave Akane a ticket for speeding, but Goku showed up with Arale and the Gatchan on the Kinto Un. After Akane failed to ride the Kinto Un, Taro tried and failed too. Taro was warned by Son Goku that the Red Ribbon Army was in Penguin Village. Taro drove off in fear and told Gala and Pagos about this and then ended up finding General Blue. Pagos, Gara, and Taro attempted to arrest Bluem but failed when he broke the hand cuffs, crushed all of their guns into a ball, and took their police car. Taro was seen worn out dragging himself into the Coffee Pot to warn Tsukutsun Tsun and Akane. Later, He was with the rest of the Penguin Village Police Force getting armed up to take on Blue, but ended up wasting their time shooting down King Nikochan's UFO instead.

Dr. Slump remake

Taro in the remake.

In Dr. Slump, Taro's look was changed. Instead of looking like a "Greaser" as in the original series, he had blonde, spiked hair.

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  • Taro has been smoking since the age of five according to an image by Akira Toriyama.

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