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"I wasn't askin' for your permission!"
— "The Land of Korin"

Yellow (イエロー, Ierō; FUNimation "Captain Yellow", Viz "Colonel Yellow") is a Red Ribbon Army operative who is tasked with finding the Dragon Balls for Copper. After he terrorizes a village in The Sacred Land of Karin with a group of his troops, Son Goku punches him out of his plane while in midair, killing him.

[edit] Biography

Yellow (right) with one of his soldiers.
Yellow and Blue being taken down by Pan.

Yellow had an Australian accent and appeared in the form of a humanoid Tiger. He became flustered when talking to superiors to the point where it was almost as if he actually feared them. Unlike most of the officers, he had a sense of humor, but felt superior to the likes of Bora, a native from The Sacred Land of Karin. Strangely, despite having a short temper, Yellow was also persistent in getting people to cooperate with him and actually seemed to care about his troops – something rarely exhibited by Red Ribbon Army officials.

Yellow later appeared for a short time during the Super 17 Saga only to be easily killed again by Pan. He made another short appearance later on standing in line behind Pui Pui in front of Yama's desk as he waited to be sent back to Hell.

[edit] Voice actors

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