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Animals (動物, Dōbutsu) are a type of Earthling.


Both normal and anthropomorphic animals existed. The two most recurring anthropomorphic animal characters were Oolong and Puar. It was not unusual to see anthropomorphic animals living alongside Humans. The most significant anthropomorphic animals included Colonel Yellow, a Tiger who was a high-ranking member of the Red Ribbon Army, Karin, a Cat deity who lived atop Karin Tower, and King Furry, a Dog who was also the king of Planet Earth. Some normal animals were also capable of speaking with Humans in their own language, such as the Dolphin who gave Son Goku and Son Chichi directions to Turtle Island in "In Search of Kame-Sen'nin".

List of animals[edit]



Bats first appeared in "The Dragon Balls are Stolen!" inside of Castle Pilaf. Fangs the Vampire has the vampiric ability to turn into a Bat.

In Dragon Ball Z, a Bat appears in "Gohan's Metamorphosis".


Contestant 97

Bears are big furry animals who usually eat meat. The first bear seen was Bear Thief who tried to attack Goku in order to eat Kame. A faction that consisted of Bear Thieves called the Kuma Mercenary Clan (Kuma meaning "Bear" in Japanese) appeared in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II. At the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament, Kuririn defeated Contestant 97, a bear, in the ring. An unnamed bear working for the Red Ribbon Army is seen several times in the command room of the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters talking to Commander Red. A random bear dressed in snow wear is shown in the background with all the residents of Jingle Village when Goku departed to continue his journey. At the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, a black bear with an English accent is shown talking to a tiger in which the tiger responded by saying that he did not understand a single thing the bear said. Another bear, the commander of the King's Guard, can speak fluently. A bear who looks almost identical to a Bear Thief is the captain of a crew of pirates in "Tien's Atonement".

Bears also appeared in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy.


A Chicken in "The Turtle Hermit Way".
A Eagle who attacked Gohan.

Many kinds of birds appear in the series, notably Ostrich Chickens and Chuu Lee's pet, Pippi. Pippi ran away causing Chuu Lee to wait for it. Pippi was female in the Japanese version but male in the English dub. Another unnamed bird appears in the very first episode of Dragon Ball Z. Gohan is looking at it on a log but it flies away..

Muten Roshi owned an Immortal Phoenix which was unseen during the series because the bird ironically died from being fed "tainted bird seed" prior to the events of Dragon Ball. Crows also appear in the cave Muten Roshi, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu explored while searching for the Dragon Balls during the King Piccolo Saga. The Hikui Bird is a rare and near-extinct bird that dwelled in volcanoes and appeared in the episode "The Fire-Eater".

In Dragon Ball Z, a giant eagle attacked Gohan while he was in the high plains. Birds also appear with Android 16, and a large beaked bird appears after Piccolo and Kuririn were turned into stone by Dabura.


A Bison in Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle.

Bison appeared in Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle and the episode "Pilaf and the Mystery Force" of the Red Ribbon Army Saga.


InoShikaCho is a strange Boar who was raised by Master Shen. Another huge wild Boar chased Chichi in "Goku's Ordeal". Finally, a Boar-like Demon named Yao appeared in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy.


A Camel in an Egypt-like land.

After Norimaki Arale sent Blue flying into the air, he landed in an Egypt-like land where he was seen riding on a Camel. Camels also appeared in the city where Tao forced a tailor to make a new copy of his uniform for free.


Cats at the beginning of "Goku vs. Sky Dragon".

Cats (Neko in Japanese) are feline creatures who like to eat fish. Karin is a major character of the cat race. In the fillers of Dragon Ball, Commander Red has a pet cat which he frequently used to attack the Red Ribbon Army personnel entering his office to test their reflexes, such as Colonel Silver. It is also implied that any soldier who failed to effectively evade the cat (such as one soldier who allegedly lost an eye due to not reacting quick enough) was executed. Dr. Brief has a black cat named Scratch that is frequently seen on his shoulder. Mr. Popo owns a cat that looks very similar to Puar as seen in the filler episode "Quicker than Lightning".

In a spinoff parody series by Akira Toriyama called Neko Majin, Neko Majin Z, the main character, is an anthropomorchic Cat. Puar is considered by Toriyama to be a mix between a Cat and a Rabbit.


A Crab on Planet Namek.

Crabs were shown to live at the Kame House, one most notably seen playing rock-paper-scissors with a young Son Gohan. A giant Crab appeared on Planet Namek in "Destination: Guru". Crabs also appear as enemies at Mount Paozu in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku.


Main article: Crocodile


Crocodiles were reptiles that usually ate meat.


Deer in "Goku's Alive!!"

Deer are seen living at Mount Paozu in "The Secret of the Dragon Balls" as well as in "Goku's Alive!!".


Both regular and anthropomorphic Dogs exist on Earth. An anthropomorphic Dog is the chairman of the World Martial Arts Tournament. The king of Earth, King Furry, is an anthropomorphic Dog as well. An example of a non-anthropomorphic Dog was Bee, the Dog that was saved and adopted by Mr. Satan and Majin Boo. The specific type of Dog Bee is would be a Labrador Retriever. Shuu was also shown to have police Dogs that were used to hunt down Goku and the others after they ruined Pilaf's wish.

A dog-like creature served as a pet for Jaguar in Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly.


Goku and Chichi getting directions from a Dolphin.

A Dolphin (海豚, Iruka) appeared in "The Ox King on Fire Mountain" when Goku and Chichi were looking for directions to Turtle Island. The Dolphin told them which way to fly.


Donkeys in "Gohan's Hidden Powers".

Donkeys appeared in "Gohan's Hidden Powers".


A Giant Electric Eel lived in the Pirate Cave. The creature was killed by Blue.


Fish in Bojack Unbound.

Fish were shown throughout the Dragon Ball series.

You are able to catch three different types of Fish in many video games: Big, Small, and Red Snappers. If you give Karin Fish in many video games, he will give you money or Holy Water in return.

A notable type of fish was Giant Fish.

Fish was Karin's favorite snack.[1]



Foxes (, Kitsune) have only appeared as anthropomorphic animals on Earth. Pilaf's minion, Shuu, was the most recurring character of this race. Donbe and his girlfriend, Kitsuneko, from Dr. Slump were Foxes as well. Goku met a green Fox named Konkichi while on his way to the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament. Gohan also met two orphans who were Foxes, Jinku and Yordon.


Ginyu as a Namekian Frog at the Capsule Corporation.

Frogs (カエル, Kaeru) first appeared in "Look out for Launch". Many Namekian Frogs lived on Planet Namek. Ginyu was transformed into one when Goku tossed a Namekian Frog within the trajectory of his Body Change technique.



Gorillas are seen in both normal and anthropomorphic forms. An anthropomorphic Gorilla wearing boxing gloves could be seen in Kuririn's daydream about the World Martial Arts Tournament. An unnamed Gorilla who appeared in Dr. Slump could be seen in the table of contents of the first volume of the Dragon Ball manga. North Kaio had a pet Gorilla named Bubbles. The Great Ape form that Saiyans have is based off of this animal.


A Horse in "Tien's Atonement".

Many Horses appeared in the Dragon Ball series.

King Kress and his knights rode Horses when they escorted Goku to the Demon Realm Gate in "Goku Goes to Demon Land". A Horse appeared in front of the house of the fighter Tenshinhan had once injured in "Tien's Atonement". A Horse was also the victim of Tambourine's Ki Blast during the King Piccolo Saga.

A Demon was seen on a Horse at the beginning of Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle. Living Dead were seen riding Horses at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.


A Bee on Kami's Lookout.
Beetles in "Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao".

Bees, Butterflies, and Beatles are among Insects that appear in the series. During one of their training excercise in Dragon Ball, Goku and Kuririn were tied up with rope to a tree and had to dodge a swarm of Bees. A single Bee appeared on Kami's Lookout and disturbed Goku's meditation in "Quicker than Lightning". In "The Emperor's Quest", Goku caught a Centipede for dinner. During a filler scene at "Karin Tower", when Goku opened a jar, a giant Centipede came out and grabbed him. In Dragon Ball GT, giant Centipedes lived on Planet Rudeeze, a desert planet where a Black Star Dragon Ball was located by Giru in the episode "Beginning of the End".

Butterflies lived in Mister Popo's ancient Butterfly garden at Kami's Lookout as seen in "Quicker than Lightning". Butterflies were also seen on Mount Paozu in "The Secret of the Dragon Balls". In the first episode of Dragon Ball Z, "The New Threat", Gohan sees a beautiful blue and black butterfly land on a tree stump in the woods and chased after it. Another butterfly was seen in the Dragon Ball Z episode "The World's Strongest Team". Beetles are seen in the Dragon Ball episode "Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao". In Dragon Ball Z, Goten is also seen catching a beetle during his training period with Gohan.

North Kaio owned a Cricket pet named Gregory who only appeared in the Dragon Ball Z anime and a few movies. The sprite elder Montgomery is another Cricket of the same race as Gregory (the Sprites) who appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. Some guards from the insectoid Arlian race were seen riding giant Worms. In Dragon Ball GT, giant Worm-like creatures named Mouma infested the asteroid Beehay.


A Lizard who lived in the Cave of Darkness.

Many Lizards appeared in the series. A big Lizard lived in the Cave of Darkness. Big Lizard lived inside the caves of Mount Kiwi's volcano. Monty, the young son of X.S. Cash who appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, had a small pet Lizard. Another small Lizard was seen on Krillin's statue in "Next Up, Goku" during the Majin Buu Saga.

In Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!, Goku and his family were seen eating toasted Lzards.


A Mole in "The World's Strongest Team".

A Mole that looked like Suno's rodent pets was seen in "The World's Strongest Team".



Monkeys mostly lived in forests and jungles. Their diet consisted of fruit. They were friendly with Goku because they shared common traits, such as a tail, and played together at times. Goku learned to strengthen his tail by having Monkeys swing on it.


A giant Octopus named Octopapa lived in the Pirate Cave. Goku encountered him in "The Pirate Treasure".


Pigs are mammals and omnivores. They will eat almost anything, but mainly grass, leaves, fruit, etc. Oolong was an example of a Pig. In the anime only, Jasmine and Oonaan were two other Pigs and lived in Octagon Village.


Monkeys, Deer, Rabbits, and other animals.

Rabbits, along with other animals, lived in the forest where Gohan and his friends liked camping as seen in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might and Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge.

Monster Carrot, the leader of the Rabbit Mob, was an anthropomorphic Rabbit. Another anthropomorphic Rabbit lived in Jingle Village.



Giant Rays appeared in "Bulma's Bad Day".


A Rodent in Bojack Unbound.

Rodents were seen when Kame first appeared in the Dragon Ball manga. Pink Rodents appeared in Suno's room while Goku was in Muscle Tower in anime fillers. During the General Blue Saga, a small Mouse Goku named Mousey scurried into the fight between Blue and Goku in the Pirate Cave and scared Blue, thus freeing Goku from Blue's telekinesis atttack. Several Rodents appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound. Two pink Rodents who looked like Suno's pet Rodents were seen in the Battle Zone when Trunks fought against Kogu and one purple Rodent was seen in the sewer that Mister Satan tried to use to escape Battle Island 2.

Saber Tiger[edit]

Main article: Saber Tiger

Saber Tiger

Saber Tigers are extinct in the real world. At their average height, they were usually larger than a Human child and usually ate meat.


Goku and Kuririn forced to swim in water filled with Sharks.

As part of their training for the World Martial Arts Tournament, Muten Roshi instructed Goku and Kuririn to swim 10 laps in a lake. Swimming in this lake was no cakewalk as Sharks patrolled the lake, and the boys swam for their lives as the sharks chased them.



A giant Snake appeared at the beginning of "Terror and Plague" in Dragon Ball. In Dragon Ball Z, Princess Snake could transform herself into a giant Snake.

In Dragon Ball Z, a Snake is seen in "Gohan's Metamorphosis".


A Spider inside Castle Pilaf.

A robot Spider appeared inside Castle Pilaf in "The Dragon Balls are Stolen!!".


A Sea Turtle named Kame was Turtle Hermit's friend and long-time companion. Kame's Son also made a brief appearance in "Kame House: Found!".

Baby Gamera was a flying monster who resembled a Turtle. Turtle Hermit used him to transport himself to Fire Mountain in order to extinguish a fire that had been raging there so that Goku and Bulma could get a Dragon Ball.



Wolves were a very common animal and had the same features as their real life counterparts. They frequently showed up in the series as minor obstacles for the heroes, and sometimes the villains. Goku fought a pack of Wolves that were chasing Shuu and Mai in Skull Valley. Yamucha defeated an anthropomorphic Wolf in the elimination round at the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament. At the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament, Jackie Chun defeated a Wolf who was able to turn into a Human named Man-Wolf. In Dragon Ball Z, a Wolf pack was seen in "Gohan's Metamorphosis". Mamba protected Goku Jr. and Puck from a pack of Wolves in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy. Yamucha had an attack named the Wolf Fang Fist that was supposedly the powerful strike of a Wolf.

Wolves are common enemies in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku, Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo, Dragon Ball: Origins, and Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.