DBZ Episode 10

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Yamucha getting ready for his fourth time up at bat.

Only 11 months remained until the evil Saiyans arrived on Planet Earth. Son Gohan caught a Fish the size of himself and gathered various fruit for food. When confronted with a Snake on a tree branch, Gohan was not scared. He took the Snake and dropped it onto the ground. Thunder and lightning was still scary. As a storm hit, he ran to a small cave he had made home.

During the past five years, Yamucha has been working on the side as a professional baseball player. He tells Puar that he wishes he was still a martial artist though. Before his fourth chance to hit in the World League, in which he has hit three home runs already, his coach tells him he will be given a bonus. Yamucha assures the coach that he will hit another home run to which the coach gasps that this means he will have to pay him two million Zeni. When a fight between the teams starts, Yamucha joyfully gets into the thick of it. In the middle of the fight, he is pulled out by Kuririn with the news of Son Goku's death and the upcoming attack of Raditz's companions. The two of them and Puar meet up with Bulma Brief – who still has not forgiven him for standing her up at their last date – and leave for the Heavenly Realm to be trained by Kami.

Meanwhile, Gohan accidentally shares his cave home with an injured Brontosaurus. After a fright, he tends to a wound the dinosaur has by recalling the treatment when his father had used it on him. Returning after gathering food, the same carnivorous dinosaur that had pursued Gohan earlier after being dropped off by Piccolo attacks the Brontosaur. Gohan leaps to the wounded dinosaur's defense with his new sword, but is no match. After Gohan is knocked unconscious, the unlucky Brontosaur is eaten by the carnivorous dinosaur.