DBZ Episode 19

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North Kaio

Son Goku was surprised to find that he had mistook Bubbles for North Kaio. After a few bad puns by North Kaio, Goku told him that he was there for martial arts training. North Kaio had one condition before he would train Goku. He told Goku that he had to make a pun that would make North Kaio himself laugh. Goku came up with several bad puns that eventually caused North Kaio to laugh. Goku's new mentor told him that the Saiyans were even stronger than himself, therefore he would have to surpass North Kaio himself in his training. His first task was to catch Bubbles in the gravity that was about ten times that of Earth. After Goku complained that he could barely move, North Kaio told him that the Saiyans came from a planet that was about the same as that of North Kaio's World.

On Planet Earth, Piccolo continued to train Son Gohan. He tried to bring out the dormant powers with Gohan, but thought that only the full moon would ever be able to do that.

After three weeks, Goku finally managed to catch Bubbles. Impressed that Goku had overcome the gravity, North Kaio anticipated that Goku may be able to learn the powerful Kaio-ken.


North Kaio: "Hey, Bubbles, come here!"
Bubbles: (Comes walking up to Goku and North Kaio, chattering like any monkey would)
North Kaio: "Bubbles is used to the extreme gravity, here. I want you to try to catch him."
Son Goku: "That's my training?! Catch the monkey?!"
North Kaio: "That's right. Until you can move around easily, you're not ready to start anything more intense than that."