DBZ Episode 25

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Son Goku continued to fly across the Serpentine Road. He sensed that things on Planet Earth were not going well.

Tenshinhan was deeply upset over Chaozu's death and launched a furious attack against Nappa, but was not powerful enough to defeat him. Piccolo teamed up with Kuririn and Son Gohan to challenge Nappa, but Gohan became frightened and the attack failed. The subsequent assault by Kuririn and Piccolo also missed, and it was all they could do to withstand his vicious counterattack.

Tenshinhan summoned up the last of his energy and launched a powerful energy blast at Nappa, but then died. All the attack managed to do, however, was damage Nappa's Saiyan Armor. Vegeta then gave the remaining Z Warriors a three-hour break to give Son Goku time to arrive at the battlefield.