DBZ Episode 32

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While on their way back to the Kame House, Krillin spots the Blutz Waves in the distance. Feeling Vegeta's increase in power, Gohan becomes worried for his father, and chooses to return and help him. Unable to stop Gohan, Krillin returns as well. Back on the battlefield, Goku does his best against the transformed Vegeta. However, Vegeta is amazingly fast and agile for his size, as well as ten times stronger than he was in his previous form, and Goku begins to lose his energy. Goku realizes in the midst of the battle that it was himself, transformed into a Great Ape, that was responsible for the death of his Grandpa Gohan so many years ago. Goku manages to hold back tears,and says,"I'm sorry,Grandpa." He then quicky accepts the facts,and returns to battling,despite being heartbroken. Back at Kame House, Fortuneteller Baba finally succeeds in getting the battle onto her crystal ball. Bulma spots Yajirobe watching the battle from a distance, and yells angrily at him. Putting aside his feelings of guilt, Goku prepares to create a Spirit Bomb. In order to buy the time he needs to concentrate, he uses the Solar Flare technique to temporarily blind Vegeta, then flies off to a safe distance. Stretching out his arms, he gathers energy from everything in nature. Goku concentrates the energy into his fist, and prepares to attack Vegeta. However, before Goku is able to strike, Vegeta counter attacks with a powerful blast of his own. Caught by surprise, Goku takes the full force of Vegeta's attack, and the energy he had collected vanishes. Nearly out of power, Goku is unable to get away, and his legs become broken as Vegeta steps on them. Using his last amount of power, Goku fires a blast at Vegeta's eye, blinding him. Angered, the wounded Vegeta grabs Goku in both hands and begins to squeeze the life out of him.