DB Chapter 233

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"The Energy Sphere" (だせるか!?元気玉!!, Daseru ka!? Genki-Dama!!; Literally meaning "Can He Unleash It?! The Genki-Dama!!") is chapter 233 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Kuririn and Gohan are just a little bit away from Kame House now, but then they spot the Power Ball glowing from far away, and wonder what it is. They also feel a tremendous ki, which doesn't belong to Goku, and they think this is no good. Gohan says he's going back, but Kuririn explains that he can't. Gohan insists that he must go, and flies off, and then Kuririn hurries and tries to go with him. Meanwhile, Goku is freaking out at the sight of Ōzaru Vegeta.

"Guhahaha, how's this, Kakarrot!!! Now your end has come!!!!" Goku then says, "Ōzaru... The Ōzaru monster..." Vegeta then explains to him that an Ōzaru Saiyan has a battle power ten times that of one in their human form. Goku has a flashback to Grandpa telling him that he shouldn't go out on the night of the full moon because of the Ōzaru monster, and he'll only be safe if he's sleeping. And he also thinks about God having prevented his tail from ever growing back. Goku finally realizes that the monster, who killed his Grandpa and busted up the Tenka'ichi Budōkai arena, was him!

Yajirobe can't believe this monster, and then recognizes that it has the same clothes as the Saiyan. And Goku thinks to himself, "The Earth and I will make you take this Genki-Dama!!!" Vegeta punches down at the ground where Goku is, but Goku just barely jumps up out of the way. Then Vegeta kicks Goku off across the ground. Goku lays there hurt as Vegeta comes back at him, but then screams, "Ka-Kaiō-Ken!!!!", and flies up into the air. However, Vegeta simply whacks him away with his tail.

Goku manages to catch himself mid-air, and Vegeta comes right back after him. Goku wonders what he can possibly do; there's no time to concentrate for a Genki-Dama, and Kaiō-Ken x5 wouldn't even do any good. Goku wishes he had more time, there's only ten seconds left, and then he gets an idea to borrow one of Tenshinhan's techniques. "Taiyō-Ken!!!!!" It hits Ōzaru Vegeta right in the eyes, and Goku zooms away over the top of the rock formations. "E-Earth, the seas, and all the living things... Please lend me just a bit of your genki...!!! I beg of you!!!" Goku puts his hands into the air, and Vegeta is pissed he can't see anything.

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