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Pigero, leader of the orphans

Son Gohan washed up on a beach was nearly taken for dead by two local children, Chiko and Rom. They told Gohan that two years earlier a giant tsunami had destroyed the city, but seven orphans lived together in the ruined city and resisted the attempts of orphanage officials to round them up once a day in order to institutionalize them.

Gohan recuperated under their care and became good friends with the children. The head of the orphanage and the police arrived and tried to round up the orphans, but everyone banded together around Piegero, the oldest of the bunch, and drove off the intruders. Gohan participated in a group food-heist and stole fruit from the new town nearby and made a quick getaway.

The next day, Gohan revealed that he still had a mother and had been on his way to see her when he was caught by the storm. Piegero said that Mount Paozu was nearby and offered to take him there when the police raided them again. Everyone struggled valiantly, but they were all captured — except for Gohan, who broke the handcuffs off of Piegero's wrists with his sword. Considering the future of his new siblings, Piegero escaped with Gohan in a stolen hovercraft to the betrayal of the other orphans. In the Japanese dub, Piegero stated that his reason for this was because he did not want them to become delinquents. In the FUNimation dub, Piegero stated that his reason for this was that could not provide enough for them. Piegero dropped Gohan off on the slopes of Mount Paozu and drove away to start a new life.

Gohan was within viewing distance of his home when he thought about the orphans, who continued to be brave even without their parents, and decided not to see his mother. He withdrew into the forest and discovered Piccolo, who sternly reminded him of his mission and took the boy back to the island.


  • The events of this episode are filler for the anime.
  • A crate has the word 'GEORGIA' written on it.

"After Gohan's boat is destroyed in a storm, he is washed up on a beach. He is then saved by two orphans, who bring him back to there house. They are part of a community, that is populated and run by other orphans. He soon makes new friends, and learns a few lessons." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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