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"Some brother. I don't think your Mom gave him enough spankings when he was a kid."

"All Right! This is the Strongest Combo in the World!" (やった! これ が 地上 最強 の コンビ だ!, Yatta! Kore ga Chijō Saikyō no Konbi da!) is the third episode of Dragon Ball Z and the Vegeta Saga. The title of Episode 3 in the English uncut version is "Unlikely Alliance".


Piccolo suggesting an alliance between himself and Goku.

Raditz kidnaps Gohan, but Piccolo soon shows up to the island. The others are shocked to see him and immediately take up fighting stances. Piccolo assures them that he means no harm, and even offers Goku a hand in defeating Raditz. He states clearly, however, that he is not doing it to save Gohan but rather just wants to make sure Raditz does not conquer Earth as he wants to do it himself.

While the others do not trust Piccolo, Goku accepts the offer. Taking Bulma's Dragon Radar to locate the Four Star Ball that was on top of Gohan's hat, Earth's two strongest fighters depart from Kame House to eliminate the threat and rescue Gohan.

Meanwhile, Gohan keeps annoying Raditz by crying out. Raditz, getting more annoyed each second, locks Gohan in his Space Pod. This distresses Gohan further and, for the first time, he starts demonstrating his unlimited dormant potential when his battle power starts to rise. Raditz picks it up with his Scouter, but unable to believe that a child could possess such power, dismisses it thinking that the Scouter malfunctioned.

His Scouter soon warns him that two targets with battle powers 322 and 334 are nearing him. He doesn't trust the Scouter though until suddenly he sees two figures flying towards him. Since the Scouter predicted their arrival, Raditz becomes shocked at realizing that his Scouter is not malfunctioning, and that Gohan really does have a battle power of 710. Goku declines the offer of life as a Saiyan and demands that Raditz give back his son. Raditz decides to give Goku one last look at Gohan before he dies. Piccolo throws off his weighted clothing and his battle power goes up to 408. Goku takes off some clothing and his battle power goes up to 416. Seconds later, the powerful warriors begin to do battle. The battle is intense, but even with their combined strength, Goku and Piccolo are caught off guard by the evil Saiyan. Raditz then tells them that the other two Saiyans still alive are stronger than even him.



  • This episode marks the first time the Z Warriors were formed, with Son Goku and Piccolo as the founding members.
  • Goku stated that he had no idea that Piccolo trained with weighted clothing, however, Goku made the same discovery in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone which is purported to have taken place before this episode. The canonicity of Dead Zone, is often disputed though.