DBZ Episode 13

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Gozu and Mezu deciding who faces Goku first.

Son Goku woke up to find that he had been knocked out by two ogres, Gozu and Mezu, who worked at the River Sanzu Branch Office in Hell. They told him that the Enseiju was owned by Great King Yama and that only he could eat the Fruit of the Enseiju. Since they had not had a flesh-and-blood dead person for 1,500 years in Hell, the two Ogres wanted to kill some time with Goku. The two played rock-paper-scissors to see who would get time with Goku first and who would have to go do paperwork. Gozu won and therefore Mezu had to return to the River Sanzu Branch Office and do paperwork. Meanwhile, Goku had tried to jump back up to the Serpentine Road several times, but could not reach it. Gozu grabbed Goku by his head and threw him upward, but Goku still did not reach. Goku told Gozu that he did not have much power. Gozu exclaimed that he was the second strongest Ogre in Hell next to Yama. Gozu then told Goku that he could get back to the Serpentine Road with a jump device they had if he won a contest.

Gozu drew a circle on the ground and the contest turned out to be a sumo match which Goku managed to win. Good to his word, Gozu tried to put Goku back on the Serpentine Road using a seesaw, but Goku still did not reach. As he fell, Goku fire a Kamehameha that boosted him back up. It seemed to work, but he smacked his head into the clouds between Heaven and Hell.

Mezu sent some souls on a tour up to Needle Mountain and saw that Gozu was still having fun with Goku. He decided it was his turn with Goku. He told Goku that if he won his contest, he would show him a secret path back to the Serpentine Road. The contest was to tag him, but he told Goku that he was the second fastest person in Hell next to Yama.

Goku then chased Mezu around Hell, but could not catch him and was tired. Goku told Mezu that he wanted some of the fruit from the Enseiju. Mezu said that it was not allowed and chased Goku. This was fine with Goku because he turned around and tagged Mezu. Mezu was forced to show Goku the secret path. As Goku entered the patch, he showed the two Ogres a piece of fruit he had stolen and ate it. They told him never to come back to Hell, although they said they did have fun. When Goku exited the secret path, however, he found himself inside of Yama's desk drawer. Now Goku had to travel the entire length of the Serpentine Road from the beginning again, however, he was able to run faster due to the fruit he had ate.