DBZ Episode 9

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Son Gohan wakes up on the high plains to find himself no longer on the cliff. He doesn't remember anything after seeing the full moon. Trying to wash his face in some water, he is chased by an alligator and saber-toothed cat. He then runs into a giant bird that grabs him and flies into the sky. The giant bird gets in a fight with a pterodactyl and drops Gohan into a hole in the desert.

He looks around and sees that he has fallen into some cavernous ruins. After seeing a picture of a vimana from the Nemurian civilization, Gohan comments that it looks like the creature that tried to grab and fly away with him. In the cave, he finds a half-buried 3-S Series prototype capsule robot. After Gohan reactivates the robot, it tells him to turn it off and let it sleep. Every time a situation comes up, Gohan turns the robot back on to plea for help only to have the robot insist that it be turned of again and again. He even fixes the robot's visual sensors.

Meanwhile, Son Goku is still traveling the Serpentine Road and is feeling very hungry – although the guide had told him earlier that he shouldn't feel hunger being dead. He even dreams of hunger. He wonders if the clouds are edible and starts stuffing some into his mouth.

After Gohan turns the robot on once again and asks for food, the robot tells him that there are only scorpions and snakes around. It finally gives in, and figuring the season of the year, tells Gohan to look in the dark corners. Gohan finds some mushrooms and asks the robot to cook them for him. The robot tells him no and to turn it off for the last time. Gohan then mentions that a robot picture book he read said that the 3-S type all-purpose capsule robot C-6 has a cooking system, and the robots are quite superior. This comment wins the robot over and it cooks the mushrooms for Gohan. It then tells Gohan that it was researching the possibility of excavating the Nemurian temple when the ground gave in. Gohan tells it that he had read about the great discovery of the temple in a picture book, and that maybe someone would come and rescue them. The robot informs Gohan that it has been eighty years since it got buried in the sand. Gohan tries to dig the robot out of the sand in order for them both to get out, but this just causes the unstable area to start crumbling. It tells Gohan to escape via a small exit behind it which Gohan earlier had been too scared to attempt due to a sheer fall. Using full power, the robot saves Gohan by hurling him out the hole onto a nearby cliff. As Gohan watches on, the cavern collapses all the way down to the bottom of the ravine. He hops down to the ravine floor and finds the robot nearly destroyed with almost zero power. It tells Gohan to continue his way home and loses all power. Tears streaming down his face, Gohan overcomes his sorrows and walks away into the desert.