DBZ Episode 8

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Son Gohan's first transformation into a Great Ape.

Kuririn, unable to break the news to Chichi and Gyumao about Son Gohan and Son Goku, sneaks out at night to return to the Kame House where Muten Roshi, Bulma, and Umigame are waiting for him. He tells the group that he couldn't bring himself to tell her about Goku and Gohan. They ask if he at least got the two Dragon Balls from the house. Kuririn says he forgot. Later, Bulma fixes the scouter they had taken earlier and wakes the others up by shooting her gun at them. She tests the device out and it gives the number 139 for Muten Roshi. He tells her that he is not that young to which she explains that the number is his battle power. Kuririn asks for his number and the device reads 206. She scans Umigame who gets into a fighting stance, but it only reads at 0.001.

Yajirobe then shows up and Kuririn thinks his name is Armadillo, to which Yajirobe says his name is not Armadillo but Yajirobe. He has a message from Karin: assemble the Z Warriors at Karin Tower as Kami has decided to train them all. He also tells them that Goku is training for the next year in the Other World. He leaves in his ship, but they think he has turned around due to a ship coming towards the island yet again. They unhappily realize that it is Chichi and Gyumao who have come to the Kame House to see why Goku and Gohan have not come home yet. Chichi faints after learning that not only has Piccolo Daimao taken her son, but that her husband is dead.

Back at the mountain, Gohan feels the ground shake and sees a herd of dinosaurs stampeding below. He screams for them to help but to no avail. That evening, Gohan goes to sleep hungry and alone. He wakes up in the middle of the night and notices how bright it is. He sees that the Moon is very round and the biggest he has ever seen it. Suddenly, he becomes transfixed by it and soon turns into a Great Ape. Gohan slips off the mountain and then destroys it with one punch. He then starts firing the Mouth Energy Wave randomly at mountains. Piccolo realizes that the full moon is the cause of Gohan's metamorphosis and destroys it with a single blast, before Great Ape Gohan gets too destructive and demolishes Earth. He then pulls off Gohan's tail after he has reverted to normal, uses his Magic Materialization to create a sword and clothes like Gohan's father's design, and changes the old character on the outfit into Piccolo Daimao's old kanji. He repeats that he will be back in six months to train him and turn him into a Demon Clansman.


  • In the edited version, Piccolo removes Gohan's tail for no apparent reason since the lack of a moon would have prevented his transformation again. In the uncut version, Piccolo explains his logic for taking the precaution. He knows that the tail is a weak point. Piccolo also realizes that an added benefit of destroying the moon is that the evil Saiyans will not be able to transform into Great Apes when they arrive.
  • Chichi mistakingly thinks that Piccolo Daimao has taken her son when it is technically Piccolo.