DBZ Episode 20

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A Saiyan and a Tuffle

North Kaio gave Son Goku his next task. He had to whack his personal assistant, Gregory, a giant, incredibly fast grasshopper, over the head with a massive weighted hammer. He also related to Goku how the Saiyans, who had at one time wiped out the only other humanoid race (the Tuffles) on Planet Vegeta, had risen to acts of interstellar terror, clearing entire planets for resale to other races. They had since been driven to near extinction, and only four individuals survived the destruction of their planet.

Goku then flew off in a burst of light towards Gregory after he had learned of the evil heritage of the Saiyans and focused only on hammering Gregory. He succeeded two weeks later.

On Planet Earth, Kuririn and the others completed their training under Kami.


  • The events in this episode (including Gregory's existence) are mostly filler for the anime.
    • Gregory tells Goku that North Kaio stands ahead of all the gods throughout the universe.
  • The part of the story stating that the Kami of Planet Vegeta destroyed it would later be contradicted when it is later revealed that Freeza is the actual destroyer.
  • This is the first episode to show Goku wearing Saiyan Armor.
  • Lady Baba explains that the world has no future in the English dub. This may be a hint towards the destruction of Earth during the Buu Saga.