DBZ Episode 14

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Princess Snake and her Servants

Kuririn, Yamucha, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yajirobe gathered at the Heavenly Realm and began their training. Meanwhile, Son Goku continued to tread the Serpentine Road from the beginning where he soon encountered a palace to one side that he thought might be North Kaio's residence. Inside, he met the Snake Princess and her attendants, who were immediately smitten with him. She danced with Goku (Goku thought the tango was a form of martial arts) and later gave him food cooked with sleeping potion. She then tried to keep him there by offering him a hot bath, a chance of Russian Roulette, and a show. When none of these stopped him from trying to continue along the path, she gave him even more sleeping potion.

A dream-viewing mirror showed that his dreams were of Son Chichi and Son Gohan. He suddenly woke up after he saw Nappa and Vegeta enter his house and scare Chichi and Gohan in his dream. Spurned, she revealed her true form — the Serpentine Road Goddess, tempting travelers along the road for 1,500 years. Goku narrowly escaped her palace, which after the illusion was dropped turned out to be Princess Snake's body, a monstrous fire-breathing serpent. As she pursued him, he managed to tangle her up into a knot and then continued along the million-mile road.


  • Most of the events in this episode do not appear in the manga and are mostly filler for the anime.