DBZ Episode 24

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Tenshinhan's arm being severed by Nappa.
Chaozu sacrificing himself in a futile effort against Nappa.

Bulma Brief, watching a telecast of the battle from the Kame House, burst into tears at Yamucha's death – Puar merely fainted from the shock. Turtle Hermit consoled Bulma and said that they could still resurrect him with the Dragon Balls since it had only been the first time he had died.

Kuririn released an energy blast that hit the Saiyans and destroyed three of the remaining Saibaimen, while Piccolo handled the last one as it lashed out at Son Gohan. The Saiyans themselves, however, were unharmed. With Vegeta's permission, Nappa took on all five of the remaining Z Warriors at once. He first attacked Tenshinhan and severed his left arm with a powerful blow. Chaozu then clung to Nappa's back and, with a telepathic farewell to Tenshinhan, released all of his energy at once and blew himself up. Not even this could damage the monstrous Saiyan. Meanwhile, Son Goku raced against time along the Serpentine Road to make it back to the Lower Realm before everyone could be defeated.