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[edit] Summary

Goku sacrifices himself in order to defeat Raditz.

Piccolo and Raditz are shocked that Son Gohan has burst out of the Space Pod, leaving it in pieces. Son Goku tells his son to run away, but Gohan is too deeply enraged to make sense of anything. Raditz, reading Gohan's battle power at 1,307, begins to panic.

Gohan then launches at Raditz with the Leave My Daddy Alone attack, hitting him in the middle of his chest and cracking his body armor, leaving him severely wounded. Goku pleads with Gohan to run, but now he is too scared. Raditz reads Gohan's power again: it has substantially dropped to just 1. Raditz knocks Gohan unconscious, sending him a few feet away. Goku pleads for him to leave Gohan alone because he is only a child. Raditz replies that he is a child, but with a battle power greater than either Goku or Piccolo. He then tells Goku not to worry because he will be joining his son soon in the Other World.

Raditz approaches Gohan and begins to gather Ki to kill him. Raditz reveals that Gohan was the first person to wound him this much. As Raditz raises his arm for the final blow, Goku wraps himself around Raditz, preventing the attack. He tells Piccolo to try the Makankosappo again, even if it means his own death. Piccolo, without hesitation, begins to gather Ki for another Makankosappo.

Gohan lands a crushing blow against Raditz.

Raditz pleads with his brother to reconsider what he is doing, but Goku only holds on tighter. Piccolo finally gathers enough Ki for the attack and fires it at Raditz with a battle power of 1,485. The attack goes directly through both Saiyan brothers. The two fall to the ground fatally wounded. Piccolo approaches Raditz who says that Goku has foolishly sacrificed his life.

Piccolo tells Raditz about the Dragon Balls and that they can grant any wish – including bringing the dead back to life – which Raditz relays to his two partners in deep space. Raditz tells them that these two are far stronger than him, and that they will arrive within one year. They might even wish Raditz back to life. Raditz laughs maniacally and calls the people of Earth worms, and Piccolo finally puts him out of his misery.

Meanwhile, Chichi has been cooking a meal and waiting for her husband and son to return from Kame House without knowing about the situation. Her father drops by their house with presents for Gohan. Bulma, Muten Roshi, and Kuririn have been flying from Kame House during the whole situation and finally arrive at the battlefield. They see that Piccolo is the only one standing alive.

On a planet in deep space, Raditz's partners, Vegeta and Nappa, have picked up Raditz's signal and learned of the Dragon Balls. They had been busy killing the insect-like race of the planet. Vegeta is disgusted that Raditz, with a battle power a bit over 1,000, has died. He decides that they should get the Dragon Balls and spend the wish on getting eternal life for the two of them. Vegeta says that Goku's son battle power was unusually high compared to Saiyan children. He guesses that when Saiyan blood mixes with Earthling blood, it creates a powerful hybrid. Nappa wonders if this means a Super Saiyan and if they could produce more of them to once again bring the Saiyan race to great power. Vegeta tell hims him that is not a good idea as they would just lost their position to this new generation. Vegeta thinks they should all the Earthlings, at which Nappa suggests it may only take three days to do it. They get into their Space Pods and "nap" for a year as they head towards Earth. Meanwhile, Bulma, Master Roshi, and Krillin arrive just in time to hear the story of what had happened from Piccolo and to bid Goku farewell.

Goku's body vanishes and Piccolo states that it was Kami's doing. He thinks Kami has some misssion in store for Goku.

[edit] Battles

  • Son Goku, Son Gohan, and Piccolo vs.
    Piccolo's first attempt to defeat Raditz with the Makankosappo.

[edit] Trivia

  • In the English dub, Gohan's battle power while enraged was read by Raditz to be 1,370 and still rising, while in the manga and Japanese dub it is stated to be 1,307. This is fixed in Dragon Ball Z Kai where Raditz states it to be 1,307.
  • This episode marks the debut appearance of Vegeta and Nappa in the anime. They are shown in colors quite different from their later ones, especially Vegeta. This is because Toei guessed their colors due to the corresponding manga volume lacking color. In Vegeta's case, this is corrected in the Dragon Ball Kai version of the episode. Nappa's colors were not corrected, although it is possible that he owned more than one suit of armor.
  • This episode marks the first time the term "Super Saiyan" is mentioned.

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Brief summarySon Gohan unleashes a mighty attack that not even Radtiz can resist! But as quickly as his power appears, it vanishes. When Raditz prepares to strike back, Son Goku must make the ultimate sacrifice to save his son!