DBZ Episode 27

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Piccolo had devised a plan to grab onto Nappa's tail, a Saiyan's only weak spot. As Kuririn distracted him, Piccolo slipped around and grabbed Nappa's tail from behind. Nappa was immune to the attack, however, and knocked Piccolo unconscious with an elbow to his head. Nappa also managed to dodge Kuririn's Kienzan, but only because Vegeta had alerted him at the last second to not touch it. The only damage that Nappa took was a cut on his cheek. The Z Warriors sensed that Son Goku was approaching finally. Worried about the battle power his Scouter registered, Vegeta ordered Nappa to kill the three warriors immediately. Nappa reminded Vegeta that they needed the Namekian alive to get information about the Dragon Balls. Vegeta told him not to bother because they could always travel to Planet Namek itself to get their wish granted. Gohan then launched a desperate, all-out assault against Nappa. This just made Nappa more angry and he launched a tremendous energy blast at Gohan. Piccolo threw his body in front of Gohan and was hit by the attack instead of Gohan.