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"Imagine being shackled so tightly that every atom in your body stood compacted, still. That was my hell... for two thousand years. With this Dragon Ball, I take my vengeance upon the Earth."
Lord Piccolo in Dragonball: Evolution

Lord Piccolo makes his debut in Dragonball: Evolution – the first of a possible trilogy of live action Dragon Ball films. He is an adaptation of Piccolo Daimao, an early antagonist in Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, and Piccolo Jr., his son. He is portrayed by James Marsters.


[edit] Biography

James Marsters, the actor who portrays Lord Piccolo, explains that the character is "Thousands of years old and a very long time ago he used to be a force of good, but [he] got into a bad argument and was put into prison for 2000 years. It got him very angry, and he finds a way to escape and then tries to destroy the world." After Goku overcomes his evil side, he defeats Piccolo with the Kamehameha attack, but Piccolo survives and is treated by a woman he had spared earlier in the film.

[edit] In Dragonball: Evolution video game

In a secret part of the story in the video game version, Lord Piccolo survives and invades Toi-San Temple with the Fu-Lum and goes by the identity of Neo Piccolo. Roshi fights him while Goku uses a Kamehameha to destroy the Fu-Lum before fighting Lord Piccolo and defeating him.

[edit] Actor's insight

  • "Oh, Dragonball is the coolest television cartoon in the last 50,000 years. It's got a Shakespearean sense of good and evil. The movie has incredible action scenes with characters with unbelievable powers. It's going to be really visually exciting."[1]
  • "Definitely the story of this movie is different from the original... For example, some characters in the original don't appear in the movie. And we try to give it a more gritty and graphic (realistic) feeling. Though there are differences between the two, I think it is all right if the core part of Dragonball remains."[2]
  • "True men need not to flaunt themselves. They're calm, gentle and modest but when it comes to the crunch they don't hesitate to kill the enemy, and I think that's what Goku is. Goku is a real man.[2]
  • "Speaking of Piccolo, one word comes into my mind, it's 'loneliness'. Piccolo is always floating in the air in the beautiful landscape, but he never even admires the landscape, he is only thinking or musing and staring at his feet. I think that is a characteristic of Piccolo more than anything else. Maybe it must be a characteristic for revenge. He hates himself and blames the people who had trapped him. His desire to kill not only them but their family, furthermore to destroy the city and the planet they live and protect. To get revenge is everything to him. Everything."[2]

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