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"Gohan]] demands that Vegeta release Goku, and Krillin creeps up behind Vegeta and forms a Destructo Disk. Krillin flings the disk at Vegeta, but the Saiyan jumps out of the way, revealing that his hearing has been enhanced as well. The Earthlings' fate looks grim until Yajirobe appears out of nowhere and cuts off Vegeta's tail with his katana, forcing the Great Ape to revert to his humanoid form. While Gohan holds off Vegeta, Goku transfers his Spirit Bomb to Krillin. Under King Kai's telepathic direction, Krillin throws the bomb at Vegeta, but Vegeta dodges it and the bomb heads straight for Gohan. Goku telepathically contacts Gohan and instructs him to bounce the attack back towards Vegeta. He succeeds and Vegeta is hit. At Kame House the group continues to watch through Fortuneteller Baba's crystal ball until it shatters." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

Stop Vegeta Now! is the twenty-fifth episode of the Vegeta Saga and the twenty fifth overall episode of the Dragon Ball Z series.


Vegeta continues to crush Goku, nearly killing him. Krillin and Gohan finally make it back to the battle site, and see that Vegeta has become a Great Ape. Krillin knows the horror of a Great Ape and orders Gohan to hit the ground immediately. They sprint towards Goku, but Yajirobe emerges, startling them, and tells them that they don't know what they are getting into. Krillin tells Gohan and Yajirobe to create a diversion while he attempts to cut off Vegeta's tail. Gohan tries to find a vantage point, and Yajirobe takes off in his Capsule Car. Gohan runs toward a pillar, but Vegeta picks up the sound of his footprints and increases his guard. Gohan foolishly jumps to the pillar revealing himself. Vegeta intimidates him by squeezing Goku into unconsciousness. Suddenly, Krillin throws his Destructo Disk, but Vegeta dodges and it goes right through Gohan's pillar.

Vegeta tells them that in this form, his ears are big enough to hear anything. He starts to crush Goku like a snowball. Gohan yells for Vegeta to stop and Vegeta threatens to crush Gohan "with his monkey feet". Suddenly, Vegeta freezes in pain. His tail hits the ground and Yajirobe lands on the ground, sword drawn; he cut his tail off. Yajirobe runs off and leaves the "dirty work" to Krillin and Gohan. Vegeta transforms back into his normal form, dropping the unconscious Goku to the ground. Vegeta tells Gohan and Krillin that he is going to slaughter them, and their "friend" one by one. He targets Gohan first, and downs him easily. Krillin tries to save Gohan, but is hit away as well. Chi-Chi monitors the fight and roots for Gohan at the Kame House.

Vegeta throws Gohan down next to his father, where Goku tells him to get up and fight. Gohan is coaxed into doing so, and unleashed the true depth of his power on Vegeta. He is able to hold his own, but is still way out of Vegeta's league as far as experience goes. Meanwhile, at Kame House, Fortuneteller Baba's crystal ball breaks. Goku summons Krillin to his side and transfers the energy of the Spirit Bomb to him, so he can use it against Vegeta. King Kai tells Krillin he'll know the right moment to throw it. However, when that moment comes, Yajirobe yells at him, inadvertently giving him away. Vegeta dodges the Spirit Bomb, but Goku has Gohan hit it back at him, sending him flying into the distance.

Major events[edit]

  • Yajirobe cuts off Vegeta's tail.
  • The Spirit Bomb is first used in battle.

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