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"At least you'll all get to die while having fun at Dream Land. Later, dude. Aha. Don't die too hard."
Husky in "Danger in the Air"

Husky (ハスキー, Hasukii; FUNimation "Hasky") is a master thief who occasionally works for the Red Ribbon Army.


Husky disguising herself as a fortune teller.

Husky has made a career out of doing the most impossible tasks. After she accepts a job, her abilities are such that not even the tightest security can stop her from making off with her prize. Once more, she has accepted a lucrative, lofty assignment from Commander Red – steal the Dragon Balls and get rid of Son Goku.

She disguises herself as a fortune teller in Dream Land, an amusement park in Metro West, and tried to get Goku to give her the Dragon Balls. Goku misinterpreted her reference to "two balls" hidden in his clothes. When she asked to see them, he dropped his pants to reveal his testicles (this scene was edited in the censored version of the anime and only showed Goku wearing boxers with a Dragon Ball pattern). Afterwards, she stole the Dragon Balls and set up a time bomb in Dream Land, but Goku managed to get the Dragon Balls back by tickling her and disarmed the bomb in time.

Her fate following these events is unknown. She is never referenced or seen again.

Voice actresses[edit]


  • Husky has a British accent in the FUNimation dub.
  • Husky bears a strong resemblance to Lunch's bad form in appearance.
  • Husky's outfit looks like that worn by Kenshiro from the Fist of the North Star series, albeit with minor alterations.