New Namek

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New Planet Namek (新 ナメック星, Shin Namekku-sei) is a planet in the North Galaxy.


New Planet Namek was the second homeworld of the Namekians. It was similar to Planet Namek due to the green water and blue grass. This planet has been mentioned or seen in Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler and during the Cell Games Saga, the Kid Buu Saga, and the Baby Saga.

Dragon Ball Z

During the Cell Games Saga, Son Goku used the Instant Transmission to travel to New Planet Namek and find a replacement Kami for Planet Earth. Dende was selected and happily accompanied Goku back to Planet Earth.

Later in the series, Goku visited New Planet Namek to ask for the use of the Dragon Balls to combat foes like Majin Boo and Baby.


Goku battling against a Meta-Cooler clone on New Planet Namek in circa 767 Age.

In Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler, Goku and some of the other Z Warriors battled Cooler, his Cyclopian Guards, and his Meta-Cooler clones on New Planet Namek. Cooler had been attempting to use New Planet Namek as fuel for the Big Gete Star.

Video games

Dragon Ball Online

According to Dragon Ball Online, Miira attacked and evidently destroyed New Planet Namek in 853 Age. The Namekians once again had to take refuge on Planet Earth.

Known residents