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"One Goal, One Enemy" (ウサギの耳, Usagi no Mimi; Literally meaning "Rabbit Ears") is chapter 016 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

The three continue along, into a land filled with giant mushrooms. Oolong glances down and says that they're almost out of gas. Yamcha and Pu'er are still following close behind, with Pu'er driving. Goku's party pulls into a town, also filled with giant mushrooms. The townspeople all run indoors scared when they see them, and they think everyone must be strange. At the gas station, the attendant meekly fills their tank up, and Bulma walks off to go buy some Hoi-Poi Capsules. As she walks down the street, she thinks everyone is running away from her because of her beauty.

The gas station attendant finishes and Oolong tells him he'll have to wait for Bulma to get back with the money, but he tells Oolong that's not necessary. Bulma, meanwhile, picks out the capsules she wants, but the man says they're free. As she walks down the street thinking about her great deal (House Capsules usually go for about 500,000 Zenny), two guys carrying guns and wearing rabbit ears suddenly pull into town.

Bulma stops at a clothing store and she picks out an old Arabian-style outfit. She's glad to get out of the "bunny girl" outfit, and the salesman asks if she isn't a member of the Rabbit Gang, but Bulma says she doesn't know of any Rabbit Gang. The salesman yells at her for tricking him with that headband and kicks her out of the store. She notices the townspeople are now no longer scared of her as she walks down the street. Yamcha and Pu'er watch as Bulma returns to the car with her stuff. Goku asks if she's got any food, since he's hungry.

The guys with the rabbit ears kick over an apple stand, complaining about the taste. Then, a little kid runs in front of them to his mom. The guys get mad about the kid running in their path, and one of them kicks the kid's mom. The other guy notices Bulma, so they go over and start flirting with her. However, she doesn't return the flirting, thinking they'll just leave, but one of them pulls a pistol on her. Bulma tells Goku that these are bad guys, so he should beat them up. Oolong says that's dumb since they have guns.

Goku smirks, punches the guy with the pistol in the gut, and kicks him in the face, knocking him out. The other guy starts firing at the "brat" with his machine gun. Goku jumps over him and pulls out the Nyoi-Bō, shoving it up his ass, and knocks him down as well. Goku thinks it felt good to fight like that. Yamcha says those idiots were no match for Goku. One of the guys pulls out a radio, and calls for the boss to come, as there's a very strong guy. The townspeople hear this and begin to run away.

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