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"The Turtle Hermit's Kinto Un" (かめ せんにん の キント うん, Kame Sen'nin no Kinto Un; FUNimation "The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi") is the third episode of the Emperor Pilaf Saga and the third episode of Dragon Ball.


Goku taking on the Bear Thief.
Goku receiving the Kinto Un.
Bulma lifting up her nightgown as a request from Turtle Hermit to get a gift.
Pilaf threatening Wani in order to find out where Turtle Hermit went.
The Kinto Un rejecting Bulma.

On the way to the beach with Kame, Son Goku, and Bulma Brief encountered the Bear Thief, who had a red mohawk and scar over his left eye, who wanted to eat Kame. Goku refused to give him Kame and had his first real battle, easily defeating the Bear Thief in seconds using the Rock-Paper-Scissors attack. When they reached the beach shortly afterward, Goku bid goodbye to Kame and set him into the sea. Kame told them to wait because he had a gift to give to them.

Meanwhile, Pilaf received a phone call tip that someone called the Turtle Hermit had a Dragon Ball. He told Shuu and Mai that this Turtle Hermit lived on a secluded island 250 kilometers south-southeast of the city. When the three arrived at the island, they found a modern house with 'KAME HOUSE' written on the side. Pilaf tried to unlock the front door with a universal key, but it did not seem to work. Shu and Mai, who had gone into the house via the window, pointed out that he had actually locked the door because it was already unlocked.

Kame, with an old man on his back, swims to shore singing about someone named Urashima. Kame had now returned with his master, the Turtle Hermit, and introduced him to Bulma and Goku. The Turtle Hermit wanted to reward Goku with a gift and gave him the magical Kinto Un, a cloud that could fly anywhere, but by those of pure heart only. The Turtle Hermit tried to demonstrate it, but fell right through it. Goku, of course, rode it with ease.

As Goku flew around, Bulma demanded a prize from the Turtle Hermit despite Kame's comments that Goku was the only one who had helped him. The Turtle Hermit asked her to show him her panties. Kame told Turtle Hermit that he could not believe he had asked that of her, and that it was no wonder he had not been able to use the Kinto Un. After weighing the matter, Bulma consented. Unknown to her, Goku had removed her panties earlier that morning, and so she inadvertently exposed her naked body to Turtle Hermit. This made him so excited that his nose bled a bit. She asked for her prize and Turtle Hermit wondered what he could give her. She immediately noticed a Dragon Ball hung from his neck and asked for it. She then lifted her nightgown up and down a few times. The Turtle Hermit was so excited at this second view that blood burst from his nose and he quickly surrendered the Three-Star Ball – he had found it at the bottom of the ocean a hundred years ago. He was oblivious to its real power, and Bulma happily scored her fourth Dragon Ball (still unaware of what she had truly done to earn it).

Goku and Bulma returned to the Capsule House and Kame with Turtle Hermit left by sea. When Bulma changed and found out her panties were not on, Goku confessed to taking them off her earlier. She then furiously shot at him with a MAC-11.

Back at the Kame House, Pilaf saw a Crocodile named Wani sunbathing and threatened him with a switchblade. He asked Wani where Turtle Hermit had gone. At that moment, Kame and Turtle Hermit returned to his island and Wani pointed to them to answer Pilaf's question. Pilaf asked Turtle Hermit where the Dragon Ball was at, but he shrugged and said that he had given it to the Pichi-pichi girl on the beach. Pilaf was angry and hopped back into his ship with his two minions. He converted the plane into a boat and ordered Turtle Hermit to shove it off the beach for him. Turtle Hermit did shove it and ripped a hole in the bottom on "accident". This eventually caused their ship to sink to the bottom of the sea.

Afterwards, with the house now changed back into a capsule, Bulma attempted to ride the Kinto Un only to fall right through it as Turtle Hermit had earlier. This left her stuck with the capsules for her own transportation.



Voice cast

Character Japanese dub Ocean Group dub Blue Water dub FUNimation dub
Bear Thief Masaharu Satō Ian James Corlett  ?? Dameon Clarke
Bulma Brief Hiromi Tsuru Lalainia Lindbjerg Leda Davies Tiffany Vollmer
Kame Daisuke Gōri Doug Parker Dave Pettitt Christopher R. Sabat
Mai Eiko Yamada Teryl Rothery Debbie Munro Julie Franklin
Narrator Jōji Yanami Jim Conrad Steve Olsen Brice Armstrong
Pilaf Shigeru Chiba Don Brown Dean Galloway Chuck Huber
Shuu Tesshō Genda Doug Parker Jonathan Love Chris Cason
Son Goku Masako Nozawa Saffron Henderson Zoe Slusar Stephanie Nadolny
Turtle Hermit Kōhei Miyauchi Michael Donovan Dean Galloway Mike McFarland
Wani Masaharu Satō  ??  ?? Brad Jackson

Differences from the manga

A random Pteranodon is behind a mountain.
  • A Pteranodon is shown hiding behind a mountain at the beginning of the episode. An archaeopteryx is seen flying in the background instead of the Pteranodon in the manga.


  • Shuu and Mai returning to Castle Pilaf to reveal that they have failed in finding a Dragon Ball and then starting their trip to the Turtle Hermit's island.
  • Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai raiding the Kame House and Pilaf threatening a talking Crocodile with a knife.


Visual edits

The blood from the Bear Thief that is removed from the Ocean Group dub.
  • The blood in the fight with the Bear Thief is removed in the Ocean Group dub.

Scenes removed

  • Akira Toriyama's cameo is removed from the Ocean Group dub and Toonami broadcast. This is probably because American audiences would not get the Dr. Slump reference.
  • The scene of Bulma lifting her dress up for Turtle Hermit is removed from the Ocean Group dub. Instead, Hermit just gives her the Dragon Ball.
  • The scene where Bulma loads her Machine Gun and shoots at Goku for taking off her underwear earlier is completely removed in the Ocean Group dub and Toonami broadcast.

Dialogue changes

  • Akira Toriyama's line about Penguin Village is removed in all of the English dubs, likely because American audiences would not get the Dr. Slump reference.
  • The scene where Bulma finds out that Goku had removed her panties while she was sleeping and that she had exposed herself indecently to Turtle Hermit is not removed in the early English dub, but is instead reworded to say that Bulma has discovered Ants which Goku had placed in a desk drawer. The newer dub has this scene in its edited Toonami run.
  • Turtle Hermit asks to see Bulma's bellybutton instead of her panties in the Toonami run. The scene of her exposing herself is removed, but the later shot of her lifting her nightgown up and down to get the Dragon Ball is curiously left in.


  • Goku and Bulma are able to take Kame to the ocean the same morning as the previous episode ends. Bulma even says that it is 100 miles away in the previous episode. They are also able to travel another 100 miles back to the Capsule House as well in the same day.
  • The picture of Arale Norimaki that Bulma has on a wall in her Capsule House is replaced with a different picture of her.


Akira Toriyama clinging onto a palm tree.
  • This is the only episode of the Emperor Pilaf Saga where Pilaf actually joins his minions on a mission.
  • In the Ocean Group dub, this episode is the second in a row to reveal that Pilaf has minions other than Shuu and Mai. In this episode, an unseen minion calls Pilaf on a phone to tell him about Turtle Hermit's Dragon Ball.
  • Akira Toriyama is seen clinging onto a tree saying, "Penguin Village... this is not." when Goku, Bulma, and Kame reach the beach, making this the first episode to have a character from Dr. Slump make a physical appearance.
  • This is the first time Kame House is shown in the anime. In the manga, it does not appear until Goku and Son Chichi find it when looking for Turtle Hermit to put out Mt. Frypan.


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"As a token of appreciation, the Turtle Hermit presents Son Goku with the Kinto Un, a magical flying cloud that can be ridden only by someone pure of heart. He gives Bulma an orange bauble that he wears around his neck, a seemingly worthless stone that had been found at the bottom of the coean. It turns out that this “bauble” is in fact a Dragon Ball. Unfortunately for our friends, Pilaf and his aids, Mai and Shu, are also after this same Dragon Ball... and now they know that Bulma has it." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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