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"Oolong, the Kidnapping Monster" (ひとさらい ようかい ウーロン, Hitosarai Yōkai Uron; FUNimation "Oolong the Terrible") is the fourth episode of the Emperor Pilaf Saga and the fourth episode of Dragon Ball.


Goku and Bulma discovering Aru Village.
All of the villagers gathering at Sherman Priest's house.
Goku going undercover as a girl in front of Oolong.
Goku catching Oolong in his true form.
The girls being fine the whole time.

Three days after meeting Turtle Hermit, Bulma Brief and Son Goku continued their search for the Dragon Balls. While she yelled at Goku, Bulma drove off a really steep hill and crashed. As she cried and Goku checked on her with Bulma blaming him for the crash, the Dragon Ball began to glow. Bulma forgot about the crash quickly when she saw it glow. Goku spotted houses ahead and they traveled towards them. The two entered the village only to see no one there. Bulma thought it was eerily empty, but Goku sensed dozens of people around. Goku headed a door with 'Sherman Priest' written on it. It was locked and so he punched it open. As soon as he entered, a heavy axe crashed down on Goku's head and broke but it did create a big lump on his head. Sherman Priest then pleaded that Oolong not take his daughter, but Goku revealed that he was not Oolong. Sherman Priest told Goku and Bulma that a shape-shifting monster named Oolong had been taking away the village girls, and was looking for his daughter next. Bulma asked him if he had a Dragon Ball around, and showed him one as an example.

By now, the villagers realized that Oolong was nowhere in sight and had all gathered outside Sherman Priest's front door. An old lady, Paozu, showed Bulma the Six-Star Ball. She had been told that her grandmother had found it many years ago. Bulma asked Paozu if they could have it in exchange for the defeat of Oolong and location of the girls. The villagers agreed and Bulma created a plan in which Goku dressed up as a girl. Oolong arrived soon after to Aru Village in the form of a demon in a white tuxedo with flowers. Oolong asked the disguised Goku if his form scared him. Oolong then used his Transformation technique and turned into the form of a handsome man. Bulma, watching from indoors, was lured by Oolong's new form. Oolong, who took a liking to Bulma immediately, debated whether he should take her or the disguised Goku. He mentioned to himself that he was younger than Bulma and older than the disguised Goku. He then decided he would take both of them, but Goku, still disguised, went to "use" the bathroom in a small flower garden.

Checking on the disguised Goku, Oolong realized that "she" was "using" the bathroom as a guy would and that he had been tricked. Oolong again changed form into a monster Bull. Bulma told Goku that the plan had changed and to fight Oolong, and so Goku took off his disguise and was ready to fight Oolong. Oolong looked at a clock and ran away at the last second. Goku chased him, and when he got outside the gates, he only saw a small Pig whistling to himself. The Pig told Goku that Oolong had gone to the other side of the village, and Goku ran in that direction. After Goku left, the Pig revealed that he was Oolong in his true form. The Narrator explained that Oolong could transform as many times as he wanted within a period of 5 minutes. He then had to wait 1 minute until he could transform again. With the minute up, Oolong took the form of a giant metal ninja with giant chopsticks and a giant bowl of soup. He asked Goku if he wanted to be dipped in the hot soup and eaten. Goku asked Oolong if he was ever going to start the fight. From behind, a young boy shot a slingshot at the back of Oolong's neck, but his mother carried him away into their house. Oolong turned back to Goku and asked Goku why he thought he could win. Goku told him that he had learned kung fu from his grandfather. Oolong said that if Goku was really strong, he should be able to break through three bricks. Goku replied that he could do that with one finger and proceeded to do just that. Oolong then announced a retreat and turned into a monster Bat to escape. Bulma reminded Goku that he had to find the location of the lost girls, and so Goku called for the Kinto Un and pursued Oolong. Goku was not far behind Oolong when Oolong changed form again into a rocket. In the middle of the chase, Oolong's 5 minutes had ran out and he turned back to his normal form and fell to the ground.

After Goku tied him up, Oolong apologized to the villagers. He led them to his home, which was a grand house built with the money Oolong had stolen from people. The villagers find the girls, Hog, Lee, and Hedge, relaxed. One girl asked if Oolong had bought her ring and brought it to her. Oolong pleaded with the villagers to take the girls back because they were so demanding. Paozu then presented Bulma with the Six-Star Ball.


  • Demon in Tuxedo – Used by Oolong
  • Handsome Man – Used by Oolong
  • Bull – Used by Oolong
  • Base form – Used by Oolong after his time ran out on him.
  • Giant Metal Ninja – Used by Oolong
  • Bat – Used by Oolong
  • Rocket – Used by Oolong
  • Base form – Used by Oolong for the second time as time ran out on him right before his



Voice cast

Character Japanese dub Ocean Group dub Blue Water dub FUNimation dub
Bulma Brief Hiromi Tsuru Lalainia Lindbjerg Leda Davies Tiffany Vollmer
Johnny  ?? Saffron Henderson  ?? Brice Armstrong
Narrator Jōji Yanami Jim Conrad Steve Olsen Brice Armstrong
Oolong Naoki Tatsuta Alec Willows Corby Proctor Brad Jackson
Paozu Reiko Suzuki Kathy Morse  ?? Stephanie Nadolny
Pochawompa Chieko Honda Andrea Libman  ?? Kara Edwards
Sherman Priest Tesshō Genda Ian James Corlett  ?? Chris Forbis
Son Goku Masako Nozawa Saffron Henderson Zoe Slusar Stephanie Nadolny
Villager Ryōichi Tanaka Ted Cole  ?? Eric Vale
Villager Tomiko Suzuki Andrea Libman  ?? Stephanie Nadolny
Villager Yasuo Muramatsu Dave Ward  ?? Dameon Clarke
Villager  ?? Teryl Rothery  ?? Julie Franklin
Villager  ?? Doug Parker  ?? Justin Cook
Villager  ?? Michael Donovan  ?? John Burgmeier
Villager  ??  ??  ?? Chuck Huber
Villager  ??  ??  ?? Mike McFarland
Villager  ??  ??  ?? Christopher R. Sabat

Differences from the manga

  • They find Aru Village by using the Dragon Radar in the manga. They find Aru Village after Bulma falls off her motorcycle and Goku says that the Dragon Balls are glowing in the anime.


Scenes removed

  • The scene where Goku touches Pochawompa's crotch to check if she is a boy or a girl is cut from the early English dub.
  • The scenes with Bulma showing her clothed breasts to Oolong, who is disguised as a handsome man, and Oolong imagining touching a woman's breasts are shortened for TV in the Ocean Group dub.

Dialogue changes

  • A scene where Goku touches Paozu's crotch to check if she is a male or a female is cut from the Ocean Group dub. The scene, however, is kept in the Blue Water dub, making it look like Goku is dusting off Paozu's apron.


  • This is the first episode to not feature any scenes of Pilaf or his minions.
  • This is the first episode to feature Goku visiting a village.
  • This is the first episode to not feature any form of nudity. Bulma showing clothed breasts to Oolong, however, is a suggestive scene.
  • This is the first time Goku convinces a villain to change his ways. It would happen 3 more times in Dragon Ball (Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and ultimately Piccolo).
  • This is the first episode to feature one-time characters who have names.
    • This is also the first episode where the one-time characters are Human.
  • The seventh episode of Dragon Ball GT, "Trunks the Bride", has a similar plot concerning a monster menacing a village and trying to marry the village girls. It also features Trunks dressing up in a similar fashion as Goku did. In that episode, Goku also mentions the time he had to dress up as a girl from this episode.
  • Pochawompa and Johnny are not named in the Japanese dub.
  • The back of Bulma's jacket has 'F-39' written on it. Her hat has 'BULMA' written on it.
  • Oolong is revealed to only be able to hold a form for 5 minutes at a time.


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