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"Full Moon" (満月, Mangetsu; Literally meaning "The Full Moon") is chapter 021 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Now Yamcha has started punching the wall, and Goku fires off a Kamehameha as well, but nothing happens. Yamcha thinks it's impossible, and Pilaf laughs gleefully about their fate. He says the walls have steel with a thickness of 300,000,000, and the ceiling is super reinforced glass. Later, Pilaf, Mai, and Shuu all play some cards, and Pilaf gets tired. With a toothbrush and some toothpaste in hand, Pilaf says he looks forward to tomorrow afternoon.

Goku is starving, and thus powerless, while Bulma yells at Oolong for saying they'll die. Pu'er watches the full moon, saying how it's nice to see a pretty thing before they die. Goku suddenly says a monster comes out when there's a full moon. Bulma hopes he isn't thinking of the wolf man, instead of coming up with a way to escape. Goku says his grandpa was killed by this monster. Yamcha thinks it must've been an incredible monster, then, to have killed the martial arts master Son Gohan. Goku says it can smash up houses and trees. Oolong asks what it looks like, but Goku says he was sleeping at the time, so he didn't see. He says that Grandpa told him to never look at the full moon, but he doubts it's related. The others are all shocked, and Bulma nervously asks Goku if he looked at the full moon the night his grandfather died. He says yes, because he had to go out and take a piss.

Yamcha says he never seemed like a normal little boy, and Bulma agrees, but thinks it must be a coincidence. Goku wonders what's wrong with all of them. Oolong thinks they should test it, but Bulma says on the off-chance that it's true, they're all in danger. So, Bulma points at the moon and tells Goku not to look at it, which prompts him to look at it anyway. At first, it seems like nothing's happened, and everyone is relieved. But Goku then gets a strange look on his face, and begins transforming into a giant monkey. He smashes through the castle around him, waking up Pilaf, Mai, and Shuu.

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