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"They Call Him... The Turtle Hermit!" (亀 仙人 の 筋斗雲, Kame Sen'nin no Kintōun; Literally meaning "Turtle Hermit of Fight Cloud") is the fourth chapter of Dragon Ball. Its anime adaption is "The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi" and the ending to this chapter is adapted as the beginning of "Oolong the Terrible".


Goku being accepted by Kinto Un.
Bulma lifting her dress up for Turtle Hermit.
Bulma and Goku arriving at Aru Village.

Son Goku and Bulma greet the old man after he jumps off the turtle onto the beach. He tells them his name is Kame Sen'nin, the turtle hermit. Kame tells him that Goku was the one that helped him so the old man attempts to give him the Immortal Phoenix, but unfortunately he forgot that it died because of tainted bird seeds. Goku is given the Kinto Un instead but Kame Sen'nin says only pure hearted people can ride it which rejected himself. When Goku attempted to get on it worked and he flew around the beach happily.

Bulma, who desperately wanted something, asked if she can get something too. The old hermit agreed if she will show him her Panties. Bulma lifts her night gown up to show him, but she did not know that Goku had taken them off of her earlier in the morning while she was sleeping, so he saw more than he expected. Kame Sen'nin, who got a nose bleed, decided to give Bulma something, but while he was thinking of what to give her, Bulma noticed that he was wearing a Dragon Ball and said that she wanted that instead, so he gave it to her. After telling Goku that she got another Dragon Ball, Kame Sen'nin became hesitant about giving it to her, but that changed when she lifted her dress up again for him.

After the turtle hermit left, Goku and Bulma headed back to pack the Capsule House back into its Hoi Poi Capsule. Just before doing so, Bulma went to change her clothes and was shocked to see that her panties are on the floor. Goku admits to taking them off of her while she was sleeping so she got mad and pulled out a machine gun and shot him. Just as they head off, Bulma tried to see if she can ride the Kinto Un, but she was rejected and fell to the ground.

Three days later, Bulma finds out that the Dragon Radar indicates that they are close by to the next Dragon Ball. They discover Aru Village up ahead which is where it should be so they decide to go into to town which they find to be suspiciously empty.





Differences From anime

Bulma finding Aru Village using the Dragon Radar.
  • Scenes of Pilaf, Shu, and Mai are not seen.
  • Goku and Bulma find that the Dragon Ball is located at Aru Village by using the Dragon Radar. In the anime, they find the location after Bulma drops one of the Dragon Balls they have already found and sees it glowing after crashing her motorcycle.


  • The word "panties" is changed to "undies" in the VizBig edition.


  • The beginning of this chapter takes place on September 2, 749 Age. The ending (which takes place 3 days later) takes place on September 5th.
  • Bulma goes through 3 different costume changes in this one chapter.
  • This is the first chapter to not introduce a new character.
  • Polka dots were added to Bulma's panties in the colored version from the kanzenban edition.


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