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In Search of Kame-Sen'nin (亀仙人をたずねて "Kamesennin o Tazunete") is the twelfth chapter of Dragon Ball. Its anime adaption is the second half of the episode "The Ox-King on Fire Mountain".


The cover features Goku looking at Master Roshi who is holding the Bansho Fan.


The Ox-King showing a picture of Chi-Chi.

After seeing Goku's Nyoibou, the Ox-King tells him that his Grandpa Gohan trained along side him under Master Roshi. The Ox-King agrees to give up the Dragon Ball if Goku can go find his daughter Chi-Chi and get the Bansho Fan from Master Roshi. Yamcha and Puar who are listening behind some ruble quickly leave the scene when they find out the girl he knocked out earlier was Chi-Chi and rush back over to her to see if she is ok. When she wakes up, she begins to take aim using her helmet but Yamcha pretends to have been in love with her to prevent being on her bad side.

Goku's weakness of being grabbed by the tail is revealed.

Yamcha runs away just as Goku goes over to Chi-Chi and tells her that he was sent to help her get to Master Roshi. Chi-Chi is able to get onto the Kinto Un but weakens Goku briefly when she pulls his tail, revealing a weakness to Yamcha who witnesses it from a nearby distance. While flying over the Diablo Desert, Goku decides to touch Chi-Chi to confirm she is a girl. After Chi-Chi hits Goku for it, she secretly begins to fall in love with him.

Goku and Chi-Chi arrive at Master Roshi's Island.

Once they get to the ocean, they get directions to Master Roshi's House, from a talking Dolphin. Once arriving at the house, Goku says hello to Master Roshi and Umigame.



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Bulma's leggings missing in two panels.
  • The leggings on Bulma's Bunny Costume shown missing in two panels revealing her bare legs.



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