DB Chapter 215

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"One Down..." (ヤムチャの予感, Yamucha no Yokan; Literally meaning "Yamcha's Premonition") is chapter 215 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

The Saibaiman can barely move as Tenshinhan walks back over to the others, and Nappa says that the Saibaimen have battle powers of 1,200. Vegeta says that guy must've surpassed that, then. Nappa still can't believe this, and then the Saibaiman starts to get back up. Vegeta kills it himself, and Nappa asks why. Vegeta says it couldn't have won, and it was the first Saibaiman anyway. He reminds the others to go all out, and the good guys wonder about these Saiyans.

Kuririn wants to go next, but Yamcha volunteers instead, explaining that Kuririn's already been returned to life by the Dragon Balls once, and he can't be brought back again. Vegeta and Nappa send out the next Saibaiman, and he and Yamcha go at each other and disappear from view. Gohan can't see them at all, and Piccolo yells at Gohan to feel the movements of their ki.

Yamcha and the Saibaiman exchange some punches until the Saibaiman flies up onto a nearby mountain. Yamcha flies up after it, and the Saibaiman then dives at Yamcha. But Yamcha flies up above the Saibaiman, and then fires a Kamehameha down at it. It's a direct hit, knocking the Saibaiman straight into the ground. Yamcha lands and stands over it, saying these things aren't very strong and that he'll take on the remaining four himself. The Saibaiman suddenly jumps back up and latches onto Yamcha, then self-destructs!

Kuririn runs over to Yamcha's body, and confirms that he's dead. He thinks of how Yamcha had a bad feeling and died in his stead, then thinks of Pu'er and Bulma. "...Assholes!! Guys, get out of the way!!!" Kuririn then charges up, puts out both hands, and fires off a two-handed blast at Vegeta and Nappa.

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