DBZ Episode 65

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Gohan charging his beam.
Recoome preparing the Recoome Boomer.

After Recoome beat up Krillin with one kick, Gohan furious powered up and attacked Recoome. Gohan kicked kicked Recoome in the face, but to no effect, immediately after kicking Recoome Gohan tried to punch him, but Recoome grabbed his hand and spinned Gohan around. Finaly Recoome throwed Gohan, into the air and fired his version of the Continuous Energy Bullet at Gohan. Gohan dodged the attack and he fired his Masenko flying downwards, Recoome stopped the blast with his hands, causing an explosion. Than Recoome attacked Gohan with the Recoome Hip Attack, knocking him on the ground.

Meanwhile on earth Chi Chi somehow felt that something was happening to Gohan. Anxious to get to planet Namek, she went to to Dr. Brief's ship and started it, but the ship wasn't ready yet, causing Chi Chi to louse control of the ship, and dive into the ground.

Back on Namek Gohan got up and charged with both of his hands a Masenko like beam, and fired it on Recoome, Recoome countered Gohan's attack with the Super Breath technique, causing Gohan's blast to return at him , but Gohan jumped at of the way just in time, but he was punched hard in the face by Recoome. At the same time, on Frieza's Ship, Captain Ginyu has delivered the seven Dragon Balls to Frieza. Meanwhile Nail decided to go back to Guru's.

Back to the battle, Recoome attacks Gohan and Gohan use a Reverse Masenko, to get to the air and he starts attacking Recoome with rapid punches, but no effect, Recoome than beaten him up, he elbowed him in the stomach and punched him in the face knocking him out again.

Meanwhile as Frieza was happy for getting the Dragon Balls, Captain Ginyu told Frieza that is time for the Joy Dance as he called it, and started dancing, but Frieza told him that if he values his life he should stop, so he stopped, Captain Ginyu answered Frieza 'that he's right and they can do the joy dance another time, there more important thing to do right now', but as Frieza tried to wish for immortality, they realised that they were unable to summon the Eternal Dragon, then Frieza remembered, what a Namekian had told him, that even if he collect all seven Dragon Balls, he won't be able to use them and he realised tha there must be a pass word of some kind. Furious to realise that the Namekians tricked him, he told Ginyu to go to find the earthlings, to ask them about the Dragon Balls, but Captain Ginyu told Frieza that it wouldn't be good if to interapt the fight and he suggested to ask a Namekia, he told him that they're must be still some left and they both looked on their Scouters. They found three Namekians (Dende, Guru and Nail), Captain Ginyu told that he would learn the password, from the Nameks in no time, but Frieza told him that it wouldn't be necessary, as he would go, to the Namekians, him self, because he told he had learned exactly how to deal with a Namekian, how to make them tell the password and what is their breaking point. Frieza left to find The Great Elder Guru in order to force him to reveal the code.

Back on the battlefield Gohan got up from hole in the ground, then Recoome prepared to attack, he charged and fired the Recoome Boomer energy bullet technique, Gohan dodged all the blasts, but Recoome charged at him attacking him, knocking him on the ground again. Angry Gohan refused to give up and charged at Recoome, with a punch , as his last attack, Recoome easily dodged the punch and kicked Gohan to the neck, knocking him out. As things were going from bad to worse, Goku's arrival on Planet Namek turned the tide.




Character name FUNimation dub Ocean Group dub Japanese dub
Recoome Christopher R. Sabat David Kaye Kenji Utsumi
Son Gohan Stephanie Nadolny Saffron Henderson Masako Nozawa
Kuririn Sonny Strait Terry Klassen Mayumi Tanaka
Vegeta Christopher R. Sabat Brian Drummond Ryo Horikawa
Freeza Linda Chambers-Young Pauline Newstone Ryūsei Nakao
Ginyu Kyle Hebert Richard Newman Hideyuki Hori
Butta]] Christopher R. Sabat Alec Willows Yukimasa Kishino
Jheese Christopher R. Sabat Scott McNeil Kazumi Tanaka
Son Chichi Cynthia Cranz Laara Sadiq Mayumi Shō
Dr. Brief Chris Forbis Scott McNeil Daisuke Gori
Mrs. Brief Cynthia Cranz Jane Perry Hiroko Emori
Nail Sean Schemmel Michael Dobson Katsuji Mori
Son Goku Sean Schemmel Peter Kelamis Masako Nozawa
Guru Christopher R. Sabat Lee Tockar Junpei Takiguchi
Dende Laura Bailey Paulina Gillis Tomiko Suzuki