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"Piccolo]] spars with Chiaotzu, Tien and Yamcha until King Kai interrupts them for lunch. Back on Namek, Vegeta escapes from the rejuvenation tank and steals the five Dragon Balls in Frieza's possession. An enraged Frieza sends Zarbon to find Vegeta. While Vegeta is hiding his newly stolen Dragon Balls, he sees Krillin fly by with another Dragon Ball (from Guru) and pursues him. Zarbon also sees Krillin flying with a Dragon Ball and chases him and Vegeta. Elsewhere, Gohan retrieves the Dragon Ball that Vegeta had hidden at the bottom of a pond, and Goku continues his training as he speeds toward Namek." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

Vegeta Revived is the seventh episode of the Namek Saga in the original dubbed Dragon Ball Z series.


At the beginning of the episode, we join the Z Fighters on King Kai's Planet. The match up is Piccolo versus Chiaotzu, Tien and Yamcha. When it seems Piccolo may have defeated them, King Kai rewinds the situation a bit so that no one gets hurt. With that the threesome then took down Piccolo, who was then surprised that all three have become stronger. Just as Piccolo takes off his weighting King Kai calls a lunch break.

Appule is still is surveying Vegeta’s condition in the recovery chamber. It isn’t at all good. Appule is surprised that Vegeta isn’t as really strong as he is thought to be. However just as he said that Vegeta awoke! He then destroyed Appule and escaped out of sight.

Upon hearing the explosion, Zarbon and Frieza run towards the recovery room only to find it deserted and broken down. There was a hole in the wall leading outside of the ship. Zarbon suspected that is where Vegeta had run off to. However Vegeta was still in the ship and looking for Frieza’s Dragon Balls. With Zarbon hunting for Vegeta outside, Vegeta had found the five Dragon Balls. Frieza knew that the blast had come from the place where Frieza had kept his Dragon Balls. Vegeta then threw the Dragon Balls into the Namek countryside and headed off outside the ship’s territory. With Zarbon calling out for Vegeta, Vegeta then again outsmarted Zarbon by going for a little swim so that Zarbon could not find him. Frieza now very angry and says that Vegeta must be found or else!

Vegeta is out of the water and he finds the five Dragon Balls instantly. Then Vegeta feels a strong power. It was Krillin with a Dragon Ball. Knowing that this one was the only one left that Vegeta needed he gave chase to Krillin.

Meanwhile, Gohan goes down into the lake to find the hidden Dragon Ball and without much trouble he does.

Now in outer space Goku is training at 50x normal gravity but then suddenly Goku is unable to move!

Back on Namek, Zarbon saw Krillin and Vegeta and also gives chase. And so we leave this episode with Goku in dire straights, Gohan hurrying back with the Dragon Ball and a three man chase between Zarbon, Vegeta and Krillin.

Major events

  • Appule is killed by Vegeta.
  • Vegeta steals all of Frieza's Dragon Balls.
  • Gohan takes Vegeta's Dragon Ball (the 4-star ball) from the lake.

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