Touchdown on Namek

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"Gohan]] and Krillin struggle to free themselves from the swamp beasts, while Raiti and Zaacro explain to Bulma that they were marooned on the planet long ago when their ship crashed, and that they created the illusion of Namek so that they could buy time until the Stellar Winds arrived and steal the Earthlings' ship. Just before the aliens can leave in the ship, however, Gohan and Krillin arrive on the scene and easily incapacitate them. The trio leaves the planet and the aliens behind and soon arrive on the real planet Namek, only to discover that Saiyan space pods are landing there. Bulma contacts Master Roshi back on Earth and urges him to send help as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Vegeta has arrived on Namek and Goku continues his attempts to escape the hospital." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

Touchdown on Namek is the sixth episode of the Namek Saga in the original dubbed Dragon Ball Z series.


Bulma, Gohan and Krillin have escaped the two evil aliens and finally arrive on the real Planet Namek . Their joy doesn't last long because they soon see Vegeta's spacepod fly over them, followed by a second one. The worst is yet to come: the powerful Frieza is already on Namek searching for the Dragon Balls!

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