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"Chiaotzu]], Tien and Yamcha begin their training under King Kai with the task of catching Bubbles. Piccolo quickly catches him, and when he ridicules King Kai's training methods, King Kai is amused to the point of laughter. On Namek, Vegeta intercepts Zarbon and the two engage each other in battle. Vegeta is seemingly winning until Zarbon reveals a hideous transformation that greatly increases his strength. Zarbon overwhelms Vegeta and leaves him for dead in a body of water. After reverting to his previous form, he leaves to report to Frieza. Krillin and Dende race toward the eldest Namek's dwelling. In space, Goku continues to make progress with his training." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

Zarbon Transformed is the fourteenth episode of the Namek Saga in the original dubbed Dragon Ball Z series.


Zarbon transforms and pounds Vegeta.

This episode starts out with King Kai training all of the Z Warriors except for Piccolo. Their second mission is to catch King Kai’s pet monkey. Tien and the rest are trying to tell King Kai to give them a challenge. So King Kai tells them that it took Goku three weeks to catch Bubbles. So they then decide to go with King Kai’s way of training. With in 10 seconds Piccolo has already caught Bubbles and is now returning him to King Kai. King Kai is angry, because Piccolo knows that these excersises are not for him. But Piccolo also gets angry. And then King Kai laughs, and tells a really bad joke.

Scene Change - Vegeta now comes face to face with Zarbon. After some talking Vegeta insists to have a fight. So finally Zarbon agrees to fight and they go at it. For a while Zarbon has the upper hand. But with Vegeta’s new found strength he goes on the offensive. Zarbon can’t believe how powerful Vegeta is.

Scene Change - Dende and Krillin are flying. Well, only Krillin is fling because Dende can’t fly really fast, so he is carrying Dende.

Scene Change - Back to Vegeta fighting Zarbon. Vegeta Hits Zarbon and he goes crashing into the ground. Zarbon gets up and then starts laughing. He says that Vegeta isn’t as tough to him as he would have to be to beat him in his true form. Vegeta encourages Zarbon to become his true form. So what does Zarbon do? Um lets see. He transforms.

Scene Change - Krillin is curious of why he hasn’t experienced night on this planet yet. And then Dende points out that they have 3 suns. (How could you miss three suns honestly?)

Scene Change - Zarbon and Vegeta are still fighting. Vegeta is loosing surprisingly enough. Zarbon is just now putting the finishing touches on Vegeta.

Scene Change - We see our hero Goku training under 50x gravity. Goku then collapses and falls asleep. He is then having a back-flash of the last fight he was in. Suddenly Goku wakes up and then starts training again.

Scene Change - Over at King Kai’s place, we see our team of warriors training harder than ever trying to catch that monkey. So Tien gets a hammer and is now chasing Bubbles. But he just can’t hit him. And when Bubbles runs by King Kai (who happens to be eating) Tien knocks the table. King Kai’s steak flies up and here comes another bad joke.

Scene Change - We now see Vegeta back up and is still trying to beat Zarbon. But no matter what Vegeta did he just couldn’t win. So Zarbon puts Vegeta in a headlock and is just about to kill him. When all of the sudden Vegeta starts to elbow Zarbon. Zarbon drops Vegeta and decides to fly him into the ground. So Zarbon grabs Vegeta and flies really fast down to the ground. Zarbon bales out just in time to see Vegeta crash.

Major events

  • Zarbon transforms for the first time onscreen and beats up Vegeta.


  • We learn in this episode that Namek has three suns, so it is never nighttime.

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