No Refuge from Recoome

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"Vegeta]] unleashes a fierce attack on Recoome, but Recoome emerges unscathed and incapacitates the Saiyan with little effort. Recoome is about to finish Vegeta when Gohan and Krillin intervene, catching Recoome off-guard and carrying Vegeta out of harm's way. Recoome dispatches Krillin with a single kick, and Gohan struggles futilely to stave off Recoome's forceful assault. Meanwhile, Frieza anticipates what he will do once he's made his wish, and Captain Ginyu continues en route to Frieza's ship with the seven Dragon Balls." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

No Refuge from Recoome is the twenty-fifth episode of the Namek Saga of the original dubbed Dragon Ball Z series.


Vegeta is powering up and ready to face Recoome. His power is intense as he punches Recoome in the face and beats him like Recoome is a rag-doll. Vegeta charges up and unleashes the Final Flash. Big explosions are everywhere. Everybody thinks Recoome is defeated. They all see Recoome standing in the cloud of dust striking a pose.

Jeice is concerned about getting all the dust out of his hair. Burter complains that he doesn’t have any hair. Captain Ginyu is on his way back to Frieza juggling the Dragon Balls. Frieza is waiting for Captain Ginyu making a plan of what to do after he wishes for immortality. Recoome is not playing around anymore and beats Vegeta all around the place. Vegeta manages to get some punches in, but they get blocked. Vegeta is thrown into the water. Vegeta flies out, after being underwater for a while, nailing Recoome in the stomach. Recoome picks Vegeta up and power bombs him from thousands of feet in the air, all the way to the ground. Recoome taunts Vegeta, only to be blasted in the face. Vegeta can barely stand up. Goku is still on his way, getting closer and closer every minute. Recoome fires his Flame of Fury. Gohan barely saves him while Krillin kicks Recoome in the back of the neck. Vegeta yells at Gohan for saving him because he didn’t want to be saved by someone weaker than him.

Recoome is now missing some teeth. Krillin is taken out with one kick to the face. Gohan decides to go one-on-one with Recoome. Gohan powers up and attacks head on, but ends up being thrown like a paper doll. Gohan has to dodge many fireballs. Gohan fires his Masenko only to be blocked. Jeice and Burter are surprised by Gohan’s power. Gohan gets beaten up more, and can barely get up.

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